• Charles Anglison

    Caravan Strategies

    November 10, 2010 by Charles Anglison

    This was going to be deleted by Wikia but I wanted to save this useful information. It was contributed by User:JASPER42

    Caravan is probably the easiest way to expand your cash flow in Fallout: NV. There are many ways to play caravan, obviously resulting in many strategies. This page explains one of the easiest ways to always win and the right people to play to get the most caps. This is also based on the PC version of the game.

    To start playing better games you need to first build a strong deck. For this method we are only using 6's 10's Kings and Jacks. That means you must have 30 cards in your deck, all consisting of these four cards. Any combination is fine, but for reasons that will become obvious you will need at least 3 tens, 3 sixes a…

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