"Here it is, General. The castle." Preston introduced the General to the huge, magnificent castle. "It's officially called the 'fort of independence', but we just call it Castle anyway. A while back a bunch of Mirelurks made their nest here. Haven't been back here since, until now!" He added in awe, grabbing his Laser Muskets handle tightly. "It looks like a great place. No wonder you guys want it back so badly." The General replied, his blue eyes gleaming at the giant castle. "It has really held up well for 600 years." He added with extra glee. It was true, the castle looked pretty solid, even if some of the walls were broken badly beyond repair. It still looked decent inside. "They don't make castles like they used to, unfortunately." Preston said bleakly.

"How are we going to play it?" A minutemen member chimed in, scratching his head slightly. Another came closer to them and thought of something. "What if we just go in guns blazing, stay in a group and kill anything we deem an enemy? It'll be over real quick." He growled. A female minutemen member pushed in. "..Or we could split up and take both ends. Finish them off efficiently and quickly." She suggested, adjusting her hat. "What do you think, General?" Preston looked at him seriously. "I think we should go in guns blazing. At least we can depend on each other then and there." The general replied solemnly. "So it is said." Preston announced, raising his hand, indicating everyone to get into position quickly.

While the general was sneaking to the damaged wall, he saw the moon rise slightly, up into the dark blue star-less sky. He marched silently to the wall, along with his posse and scouted out the enemies ahead - A lot of Mirelurks, and a lot of egg bundles scattered across the courtyard - with his trusty Scoped hunting rifle. Its handle was a bit rusted, and it was used specifically for Mirelurks as it dispatched of them quickly and efficiently. There were several lines indicating numbers of Mirelurk deaths, which at the moment were 14. "Are we ready?" The General whispered, looking at Preston and the other 2 members. "Ready." They replied in tune.

The General nodded, and slowly put his eye to the scope and started recon on the Mirelurks, checking which ones seemed weaker and which ones to hit first. After a short moment, he had found his target - A small Mirelurk with a next on its shell, its face looking straight at the General in complete unawareness - he chucked, then fired silently and gracefully. The giant crab fell swiftly to the ground, dead. Another Mirelurk turned, facing the now dead one. He shot the leg of that one, leaving it crippled and broken. It screeched, letting other Mirelurks become aware and start patrolling the courtyard, finding the source of the shot.

"Now!" The General screamed, pointing to the now surprised Mirelurks. "Kill them all!" The male minutemen member shrieked, flailing his Laser Musket recklessly, then running straight into the battle, crazed. The female and Preston crouched down and shot them all from a distance as did the General. Everything was going smoothly until some shaking eggs cracked open wildly revealing tiny pillbug-like hatchlings racing towards them. Preston shot 1 or 2, but it proved as the hatchlings were tiny compared to their full-sized brethren. The general saw this and instantly grabbed out a gleaming silver blunt baseball bat and began swinging it precisely at the small crabs.

While the General was holding off the hatchlings fiercely, Preston and the female regrouped with the male who was currently running and shooting 1 Mirelurk on his tail. The female helped shoot the crab, while Preston ventured deeper into the courtyard and crippled 3 Mirelurks charging towards him. The hatchlings were all deceased, as the General approached Preston, who was near the south broken wall which was facing a muddy, mossy sea. The ground shook lightly as he raced to him, his baseball bat in hand. Most of the Mirelurks were gone, the plan was nearly a success. As soon as the female minutemen member walked across a egg patch, many hatchlings ambushed her and started jumping on her, tearing her flesh severely, pumping radiation into her wounds. She screamed in pain as she fell.

They all ran to her, ignoring the passerby crabs, trying to get rid of the deadly small crabs. Alas, it was too late for her, as her whole body was damaged - Her face was chewed, her chest was ripped and her legs and arms were merely connected by a strip of bone. It was a horrific sight. The General dispatched of the hatchlings quickly, swinging his bat swiftly, crushing them all into a disgusting pool of blood and guts. One, however, was on the verge of death and shrieked a very techno-like sound, waking up a truly massive beast. The Mirelurk Queen.

The shaking got more heavier and the battle cry of a huge mother teared through the air, echoing numerous times. Preston gulped, and the General froze. The other guy was still mourning over her, caressing her dead body one last time. They weren't a thing, but they had served together before, a couple of times. They were friends, good friends. Preston's and the General's eyes widened to an unnatural state as soon as they saw the Mirelurk Queen emerging from the sea. It was dripping with water and weeds dropped off as well as bits of heavy nets. She cried again, even louder than before, slightly disorientating their hearing for a moment.

"..Shit." Preston muttered, sighing afterwards. He looked around and spotted an opening, too small for the Queen to fit into and ran for it. The General followed close behind, who nudged the other minutemen member gently, signalling him to follow them. They raced for that opening, and as soon as they got inside, they immediately closed the sturdy wooden doors. At this time, they were all tired and breathing heavily. They had officially lost hope, there was no way they could defeat a super mutant behemoth-sized crab. Not with their weapons after all.

"Ideas, people?" Preston questioned, sweat appearing on his brow. They had all looked around for a short while and fortunately found a weapon, sure to defeat the best. It was big, long and there was loads of ammo in the numerous barrels scattered around. "I got one." The General stated, smirking. He walked over to the Missile Launcher and held it with awe - it was amazing. It was a faded military green color, with a light minutemen symbol on the end of it.

Preston opened a barrel, and reached inside grabbing about 4 missiles worthy of firing into the giant crab. Surely this would work, they all thought. Surely this launcher could bring it down. The General placed the missile into the launcher and hastily opened the door. The Mirelurk queen was looking around frantically and fortunately was at the other side of the courtyard. The queen unaware and vulnerable, the General fired a missile straight to its neck, merely piercing the stomach doing little to nothing. The general rapidly closed the door, reloaded and took another shot - This time landing it straight in the mistress' face.

The queen cried in pain and started losing its footing, its frontal pincers flailing wildly and its face diving into the sand finally after a moment. It seemed to be dead. Thankfully, it didn't take long to dispatch as they'd thought since only 2 missiles were present in the demise of the beast. Preston, the General and the minutemen member stumbled out of the room and cautiously approached the queen. It truly was dead. It was over.

The Castle was the minutemen's, once again.

"Wonder who's going to clean all this up.." Preston mumbled, smirking. "..Not me."