• Caterpie-Face

    Retaking of the Castle

    December 28, 2015 by Caterpie-Face

    "Here it is, General. The castle." Preston introduced the General to the huge, magnificent castle. "It's officially called the 'fort of independence', but we just call it Castle anyway. A while back a bunch of Mirelurks made their nest here. Haven't been back here since, until now!" He added in awe, grabbing his Laser Muskets handle tightly. "It looks like a great place. No wonder you guys want it back so badly." The General replied, his blue eyes gleaming at the giant castle. "It has really held up well for 600 years." He added with extra glee. It was true, the castle looked pretty solid, even if some of the walls were broken badly beyond repair. It still looked decent inside. "They don't make castles like they used to, unfortunately." Pr…

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