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    Most annoying glitch

    January 4, 2012 by Carter190s

    Since the sun is setting for new vegas and hopefully Bethesda will soon be getting Fallout 4 prepared id like to wrap up on new vegas with a segment on the worst glitches of the game.

    Mine would have to be the loading glitch in Novac when you leave the dino delite gift shop and the game file corrupts. Very annoying especialy when you just finished come fly with me

    Post your own worst game glitches below!

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  • Carter190s

    i'd like to take this time to say merry Christmas and a happy new year. As well as say im off for a while, ill be back some time after the new year, but I've recently started contributing to the RAGE wiki and seem to be spending a lot of time there, ill be around but for now i wont be editing for the foreseeable future but ill still be chatting on the forums from time to time. As for the rest all of you have a good christmas and a happy new year!

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  • Carter190s

    The dlc is speculated for release on 14 june. However this date has not been confirmed and im dying to get some more info on the subject so if anyone has a site with any good info on OWB other than this wiki then i'd be happy to hear it. Also i'd like to hear some peoples idea on story line and the purpose behind the kidnapp courier in OWB....

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