Has anybody here ever seen "That Mitchell and Webb Look"? Because, if you have, then you've probably seen the series of sketches called "The Quiz Broadcast". It follows the final few episodes of "The Quiz Broadcast" after an event known only as "The Event" in a hilariously upbeat tone despite the incredible depression the few survivors are faced with. Occasionally, the depression breaks through and we're shown the truly desperate measures that must be used for the survivors to, well, survive, but the Presenter (Dave Mitchell, the slightly chubbier one) normally just reassures us to "REMAIN IN DOORS, DON'T THINK ABOUT THE EVENT!" and returns us to the comedy.


Eventually, the group runs low on food. "Unknown Male 282" dies, and it would seem that the few survivors had to eat his flesh. At least, I think that's what happens, but I can't really remember. Anyway, the group does eat some flesh, which should give you an idea of how desperate they are/were.

Peter, one of the contestants on "The Quiz Broadcast" (who was blinded by Raiders) eventually brings up the "Infected". The Presenter asks if anyone is infected, and a new contestant yells "I'm Infected!" and is shot. The contestant is eventually replaced with an unknown man, who, when asked for a name, only replies: "Why do you want to know?" In a voice that's actually cool in the way that it is freakishly bass. Also, the man looks like he's glowing, but nobody pays attention to that. So, the show goes on, and Sheila, who is prone to random bouts of panic, receives electro-shock treatment to the point when all she can say is "yes", so you can guess where this leads. The Presenter attempts to lighten her spirits by asking her if she was Infected - knowing full-well that she wasn't (he later claims it was a joke) - resulting in her saying "yes" and being shot. They don't bother to even move her corpse, so the glowing guy feeds on her corpse, making it clear that he is one of "Them", who are apparently radioactive zombie-mutant-sadists who were previously mentioned in the series. Just as thousands of "Them" swarm into the building and the broadcast abruptly ends, we see the aftermath as one of the cameras is restarted.

The Presenter and Peter are the only remaining people. They remember what had happened to spare them their grizzly fates - all of "Them" suddenly disappeared, and we are never given a reason why. The two muse upon what will happen now, as they may very well be the last two people on Earth, or even the last living being. The Presenter says: "Let's stand together." The two stand next to each other, holding hands, as they look over the wreckage and think: "What will happen now?"

Naturally, I was fairly shocked when I saw the ending.


Dazed, I scrolled down the Youtube page to find a single comment:

"This is what Fallout would be like if it were made by the English."

So then, I made this post to say: Who wants a game set in the Fallout universe like this?

These are the videos: Part one Part 2 Part 3

Sorry about this one, I couldn't find Part 4, so just skip ahead until you see something new:

So, after having seen that, who's with me on this?