I don't usually bother with Blogs all that much but I'll use this page to jot down some note and ideas from time to time, although I prefer the forum to do this as it engages more users. I've also put a tad of effort into doing up my page with a few pictures etc.

I wrote in a post a while back that I'd like to see what happens with the Captial Wasteland Brotherhood after the events of Broken Steel. It's been hinted in FONV that since the 5 or so years have past from 2277, that the CWBoS are doing alright and I would assume they would be for the following reasons:

  • Firstly they have no serious opposition anymore aside from raiders. The Outcasts could be a problem but it appears that they haven't got enough firepower or troops to take on Owen Lyons chapter. The CWBoS now have a whole new supply of equipment thanks to the LoneWanderer's take down of the Enclave at Adams AirForceBase. They also have a few Vertibirds now which means death from above, quite literally! In addition, the CWBoS have forged alliances with Rivet City and the other smaller communities in the CW and so in unity there is strength. So now the CWBoS are geared up and manned up enough to really start to impose order on the wasteland.

  • The CWBoS first priority though is a clear & secure of the wasteland. Yes they are sending caravans out in conjunction with Rivet City security but they do need to truly sweep away all raiders, slavers and super mutants from the Capital wasteland. They do have an advantage now in that they have some Vertibirds which few people would be able to take on. Having that etxra mobility and the firepower from the Vertibirds, means they can move troops quickly to trouble spots as well as conduct aerial patrols looking for a good fight. It'd probably take a year or 2 but I would think that the CWBoS would be able to pretty much remove almost all the hostiles from the wider wasteland region.
  • I think that the LW would have let them know about the things he's discovered in his travels over the CW and beyond. Assuming that we don't include the DLC Mothership Zeta, there is still the Pitt, Point LookOut and the Operation Anchorage simulator that the Outcasts control [barely]. I think that The CWBoS, with the aid of the LW, could persuade the Outcasts to share that simulator tech. If that fails then they'd have enough men and firepower to go in and take it. The Outcasts are really in a hard place. Their numbers are much smaller and they would be really hurting themselves if they choose to get into a shooting match with Owen Lyons group. They also haven't heard back from the West Coast at all which we know is due to the NCR pretty much crushing them over there. The few chapters that are left are in lockdown mode, hiding in their bunkers. So then if the VR sim tech could be gained, then the next logical step is to take that program over to Vault 112, get the LoneWanderer to hack the system and disconect Braun and start the training of new recruits in small unit combat etc. Vault 112 would be one of the most valuable tech assets of the CW and as such, the CWBoS would be insane not to send a strong force out there to seize and hold it.
  • I doubt Liberty Prime would be able to be rebuilt in a hurry [if at all?] for a very long time. However, there are still enough industrial sites around the CW that could be salvaged, opr perhaps even restarted. There is the RobCo factory, the Corvega Factory, the Robot Plant next to Canterbury Commons, the Olny Powerstaion, the NukaCola bottling plant to name but a few places where we know that the machinary is still running as we can hear it ingame. Sending scribes and salvage teams out to these places would also be paramount as these places would be the best places to get some sort of industry going again. Raw materials would be hard to source but there is enough salvage laying around the CW to keep them going for years.
  • Since Project Purity is a success then greening the CW would also be vital to achieving stability. Farming could start up on a viable scale once more as now there is clean water to irrigate crops. We know that hydroponics is being used on Rivet City and this tech could be upscaled and managed in the wasteland.

I'll add more to thins blog and ideas when I have time.