• Captain Taipan

    First Blog Post

    June 21, 2011 by Captain Taipan

    I don't usually bother with Blogs all that much but I'll use this page to jot down some note and ideas from time to time, although I prefer the forum to do this as it engages more users. I've also put a tad of effort into doing up my page with a few pictures etc.

    I wrote in a post a while back that I'd like to see what happens with the Captial Wasteland Brotherhood after the events of Broken Steel. It's been hinted in FONV that since the 5 or so years have past from 2277, that the CWBoS are doing alright and I would assume they would be for the following reasons:

    • Firstly they have no serious opposition anymore aside from raiders. The Outcasts could be a problem but it appears that they haven't got enough firepower or troops to take on Owen …
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