Hello there everyone! Was planning on waiting till next week to start doing this (was going to ask for a name I should call it actually, please post suggestions in the comments!) but since so many good deals on great games have come up I don’t think there is a good reason for me to let that delay this any longer!

-Note! Prices may vary between countries and currencies

Duke Nukem 3d: megaton edition & Shadow Warrior classic redux!

(ends march 23rd on steam)
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-Genre: Fps

-Sub-genre: “oldschool” fps

-Price: $1.00 (from humble bundle for both of them) / 3.74 (for both on steam) / 2.50 (individually on steam)

-Summary: there games are some of the best from the 90’s, while it may seem lackluster in terms of graphics compared to now, it still has game play and level design that is still fun to this day.

 These include all of the add-ons for both games which include:

Duke Nukem 3d:

-Duke Nukem 3d: Plutonium pack, upgrades the game to the atomic edition with a new chapter, new enemy type, and a new weapon. The “expander”

-Duke’s nuclear winter, a new campaign with lots of new enemies and reskins of the original enemies along with new ones with new skins and new a.i. and a new soundtrack (the first few maps however are just backwards versions of some of the levels in Hollywood holocaust)

-Duke it out in dc: a new campaign, doesn’t add much other than that, levels are very mazelike.

-Duke’s Caribbean adventure: life’s a beach. Reskin’s all the weapons to be a tropical vacation theme aswell as adding a new soundtrack, reskinning all the enemies aswell as adding a new one and variations on the pig cop’s aesthetically.

Shadow warrior:

-Wanton destruction: reskins a lot of the enemies to be human and a new campaign.

-Twin dragon: new campaign, not much else.

Duke nukem 3d megaton edition has gained multi-player, co-op, and steam workshop functionality.

Currently in the devolver humble bundle you can pay what you want (1 usd minimum for the first 5 games which include duke nukem 3d megaton edition and shadow warrior classic redux) profits are by default split evenly amongst the developers of the games, charity, and the humble bundle website itself. -Note! You will need a steam account to activate the codes it gives you.

But, if you don’t want to do that no worries, it’s also available currently on sale on steam for $3.74 for both of them or $2.50 individually.

If you want to try either of these games before you buy them you can get the “shadow warrior Classic (1997)” version for free on steam (runs in dosbox)

And for duke Nukem 3d you can get eduke 32 that comes with the first shareware episode “Hollywood holocaust”

And I will also suggest the “blood cm” mod that remakes blood in the eduke32 engine to get it running on modern systems. This is indefinitely my favorite game of the three but it might not be for everyone! (might be able to do this with the regular free download of eduke 32 without actually purchasing duke 3d)

Hotline Miami

(ends March 23rd)

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-Genre: top down

-Price: $2.50

-summary a psychedelic top down game with a pretty good plot and functions oddly like a puzzle game in the sense that you will have to take out your enemies in a way that doesn’t get you killed as you die in 1 hit but so do your enemies.

System shock 2

(sale over)


-Genre: Fps, Horror, RPG

-Price: $4.99

widely regarded as one of the best games of all time, system shock 2, the spiritual predecessor of the critically acclaimed Bioshock series, it is indefinitely deserving of this title. It's core mechanics and plot still hold up till this day. so if you've ever wanted to try something new, this might be a great place to start!

This is available now on for $4.99 and as all gog games, is drm free.

Serious Sam complete pack

(ends march 23rd)

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-Genre: Fps

-Sub-genre: Arena Fps

-includes: 8 games and 3 dlc’s

-Note: 1 game is an RPG, and another one is a side scroller

-Price: $14.24

-Summary: A game about shooting things and not much more to say really. Serious Sam tfe and tse (even the hd versions) run really well on older systems (only one with performance issues on older machines would be serious Sam 3 bfe)

There are demo’s for serious Sam the first encounter hd

Serious Sam the second encounter hd

And Serious Sam double D XXL

Shadow warrior

(March 23rd)

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-Genre: fps

-Sub-Genre: Arena Fps

-Price $9.99

What Happens when you take shadow warrior and painkiller and combine them? you get the shadow warrior reboot! its basically if you took hard reset and added a katana, demons, and a one Lo-Wang.

and finally a game you may or may not have ever heard of:

NecroVisioN & NecroVisioN: lost company

(ends march 24th)

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-Genre: fps (a mix of modern and oldschool)

-Price $4.99

-Summary: if you’ve ever wanted a game that combines return to castle Wolfenstein and some Bulletstorm, this is possibly for you. This game is pretty much that, set in WW1 its got a decent amount of fun, somewhat like an arena shooter but not entirely, has zombies, vampires, demons, and Germans for 5 usd for both games that’s pretty much all I would recommend it at, I would try the demo first however as it is with all demo’s free.


Both games: