So i killed Cobb and some of his buddies, the town people tried but in the i was the only one doing any killing. i did a little exploring today and found this really cool hat inside of an old Refrigerator as well as a skeleton, strange its like the guy tried to save himself from a nuke by hiding in the fridge, like that would work.

on the way back to goodsprings some guy asked me to help save his wife from some geckos, he seemed like just some wimp so i said ok. mis-fucking-take, the asshole just wanted me to kill the geckos so he could get some ammo and stuff that was stashed there. i shot him in the face with a 12 gauge magnum and tossed his body off the egde. dick.

i think that i'm done with this place. at sun-up I'm going to head to primm and try and find that asshole that shot me.