what the hell? so I make it to Primm and guess what, I have a bunch of escaped convicts that have taken over the townand the NCR is there but they can't stop thep them without help. this is getting old fast. so anyway I go and kill all the convicts by my self and I saved the local deputy for second, he was killed a few seconds later, oh well.

So then, after I freed the town people what do they do instead of thank me? demand I find them a knew sheriff, like I don't have anything else to do. I just reprogramed their robot and he's doing just fine. I also found this strange robot in the Mojave Express called ED-E, I fixed him up and he seems to be working. I left him there for now though. All in all i'm getting tired of all this helping out the locals shit. i'm gonna follow a hunch and head to new vegas.