• CRA Dan

    Fallout 5

    July 4, 2012 by CRA Dan

    When in the Year 2077 Earth was plunged into nuculear warfare,yet hope was not lost,from the rubble there was a vaults built by vault-tec and this hero came from vault 101 his name was the lone wanderer whose life sadly came to an end with many accomplishments but after realising the only way to complete revelation 21;6 was to create more than 1 project purities so he created the CRA Capitol Republic Assosiation and headed north for the Imperial Wasteland (mostly made up of mostly NY city,and New Jersey some of Pennsivannya and other parts states)but when the CRA got there they found two tribes named the Trojans(the Fire Trojans [friendly]and the Nuculear Trojans[Enemies])but sadly the lone wanderer's life came to an end but a new hero's s…

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