Fallout 3 Wins Ultimate GOTY Award from Golden Joystick

CNavellier November 3, 2009 User blog:CNavellier

Recently, the 27th Annual Golden Joystick Awards were held, with an extraordinary 1,223,646 votes being cast, making it officially the most popular game awards in the world. The most interesting part of it, however, is that over a year from its release date, Fallout 3 is still going strong in the awards department, only showing the massive following that the game has had (sorry 1 and 2 die-hards).

These are the awards that Fallout 3 received from GJ09:

*First Place for "Ultimate Game of the Year"
*First Place for "PC Game of the Year"
*Second Place for "Xbox 360 Game of the Year"
*Second Place for "Rampage Soundtrack of the Year"
*Runner-Up for "Playstation 3 Game of the Year"

Read more about the 2009 Golden Joystick Awards here.

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