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  • CDEagle147A

    ahh the vault...

    September 25, 2011 by CDEagle147A

    ahh the Vault where anyone can add info and create a page just to have it immediately deleted because it doesn't fit with the admins opinion of what's worthy.

    this place is an old boys club where new untrusted members get relegated to the talk pages, forums and blogs.

    remember this- this wiki is their wiki not OUR wiki until we become one of them as in become an Admin or higher. you better hope i'm not a millionaire cos if i am i'm already looking into purchasing and deleting every ones admin or higher level control except mine and my select friends who -you- don't know.

    how does me making a new article page about Save_Menu damage the rest of the vault i dont know html formatting that well so i was hoping some one might come along…

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  • CDEagle147A

    Summary:Speed Challenge Corner to Corner NE to SW for F3 and FNV for PC-PS3-XBOX360.

    While we wait for Lonesome Road to drop and cause i have nothing better to do... I submit a CHALLENGE to all Fallout 3 or New Vegas Nuts (like me) to:

    Speed Challenge: Corner to Corner NE to SW in Fallout 3 for PC/PS3/XBOX360:

    Go to the furthest North Eastern(NE) point that you can get to of The Capital Wasteland, touch the fallen tree at the very end of the corner of the local map, make a save (as proof), then turn around and go! As Fast as You Can! to the South Western(SW) door of the Rockland Car Tunnel (Broken Steel add-on) and activate/go through the door and make a save.

    Saving as soon as you are on the other side of that door in the loaded interior guarant…

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  • CDEagle147A

    F:NV ideas and things they could or should have added. summary:ideas - i wish the game had...

    I keep hearing the combat gameplay is a bit week, but i think its fine - walk run strafe turn look jump shoot holster reload crouch, then buy ammo.

    i would though like to have or be able to:

    have a "go prone" position and move at the same time - like you could in Delta Force (PC) - yep im old! im thinking hold crouch then tap to go back to crouch position.

    i remember in system shock 2 u could lean forward to peer over crevasses or a big gap in high up walk way and lean left or right to look around corners.

    in Unreal 2 u could "mantle" to pull yourself up onto a box or similar ledge that was like head height but too high to jump up to.

    and how many times…

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  • CDEagle147A

    im level 30, for about a month now, i have a ton of ammo, unique armour and weapons and caps. i have veronica and rex with me. theres no enemy the can finish me off - unless i was surrounded by deathclaws! -typed back in june 2011.

    now im level 45 and there is another enemy that can "do the job" 3 Lobotomites, one with a hunting revolver at close range and me at 25% health, cripled limbs - just about to make it back to the sink and thinking "yeah, i can finish them off on the way past!" headshot! down i go!

    Also that bloody Legendary Bloatfly and me thinking "well its just a bloatfly, it can't be that tough i'll just sneak around it and look for loot without it noticing in case i need it alive for some quest thing. bastard killed me in 4 sho…

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  • CDEagle147A

    about crashes - New Vegas xbox360.

    this is one reason why fallout 3 and new vegas take so long to finish with - consistant reboot and reloads due to freezes.

    seriously i've done professional video games testing, but this is nuts! i cant walk anywhere near 188 trading post, without a freeze - i have to fast travel.

    Its still pretty freezy round 188 , i now call that whole area in and around 188 post the deadly desert! 07:03, August 8, 2011 (UTC)

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