The agrmonster

Hi everyone! This is my first blogpost... EVER! So I'll probably get it all wrong! Nonetheless I'm really excited about it, because I want to share with you, the wonderfully hilarious videos of agrmonster. I don't know if any of you know him, but since I did a search on the site and nothing showed up mentioning his name, I though I'd just had to recommend this wonderful character and the awfully silly, yet highly entertaining films he's done based on the Fallout universe.

Encountering the agrmonster

I'll firstly tell you how I first stumbled into this fella. If I remember correctly, it was in the heyday of when I started playing, or was about to decide on whether to play Fallout 3 or not. (I'm a very conservative consumer, so it usually takes me a long time to decide on whether to delve into something or not, which when I finally do, I do for many, many hours on.) So due to this I was looking up videos of Fallout 3 on YouTube to show me what this whole 'phenomena' was about. It didn't take long - and therefore I assume some of you will know agrmonster's videos - before I stumbled upon these nonsensical videos where either some silly repetitive things would happen, or an abyssmal chaotic scenario would take place. Don't worry you'll see!

The Gamebryo manipulation

At this point I didn't know much about consolecommands - and as you might see from this post, I still don't - so it all looked very fascinating to me. Seeing Deathclaws or Chinese Remnant Troops run amock in Vault 101's cantina or at the G.O.A.T. testroom was just incredible fun, once the random gameengine started to take over what would happen. Also the more "subtle" videos of the baby 101 setting up landmines for his father to step on were things that almost made me piss my pants from how funny it was, all accompanied by the innocent baby sounds from the game. In my opinion, he's also immortalised Dad's infamous line: "Run!", as Liam Neeson's voice really fits well with the ironic situation this "advice" your father will give you in agrmonster's videos - yes I still relate to them as if it was MY character this crazyness all happened to... That's how well agrmonster gets it done in his videos.

The light that shines twice as bright, lasts half as long

The videos weren't being uploaded anymore though, so after having seen it all (and seen it once, twice or even thrice again) the hilarity was more subdued and after a break for myself personally playing Fallout, I slowly and sadly forgot all about the great mr. agrmonster.

The agrmonster rises again

But recently - and with the launch of Skyrim - he has all of a sudden started posting videos again! Since I still was subbed to him, I recieved a new video he had done, satirizing over the Skyrim introduction scene. I was both flabbergasted and not fully committed since The Elder Scrolls never did it for me (don't hate me for it... :D) but taken by agrmonster's hand I relieved some very precious moments, only in a new game - which basically though works like it's predecessors, so no harm there. But it got even better as very recently he has begun posting Fallout videos again (I still can advice to see his fantastic Skyrim videos as well) and they're are as passionate as ever! Really somme good "quircky" Fallouty stuff.

Only thing is, that he doesn't post THAT often, so you might need to wait a bit each time, but I can assure you it's worth it! So go ahead and look him up and even subscribe, like and favourite this golden nuggets of pure Fallout fun!

Agrmonster's YouTube Channel

Thanks for reading!

I'll end this with a thanks in advance for having the possibility to share this with you great folks and a little excuse for it not looking overly well done since it's my first ever blogentry (in any format anyway!)

Wasteland salutes! BusinessMonkey 13:25, January 7, 2012 (UTC)