well soon fallout new vegas has its last dlc to come out some time in september. i have noticed that in every other dlc there is an easter egg relating to lonesome road.such as in old world blues if u go to the think tank into the sink you will see a blue map that is not a map of big mountain it is to lonesome road. now you are all probably wondering were will it begin well lonesome road will begin at canyon wreckage located southwest of goodsprings.there is a way to get past it and into lonesome road but its just nothing u could look it up on youtube if u like.lonesome road is about courier six who had quit the job to deliver the platinum chip. that is were you come in the main story line. his name is ullysses. once you beat it i have heard you get his armor and his armor comes with 3 different sets depending on how your karma is on groups like ceasers legion or the ncr and the strip. the srips is just a plane old flag of the old world the ncrs is a bear and ceasers leagion is a is a mongurel there are many things we still dont know about it but i will be playing with you guys on september 26 i hope you enjoyed my blog please leave your comments.