Very new to the sight and just need something answered for me. I know I can just go to the link and search out what it is I would like to know but I find it better to get the members side of this site`s rules for an educated and personal view. Since I'm so new I have accidentally vandalized one artical and had an edit deleted. So, can you guys just give me some quick tips on how to avoid these hazards. Oh and the edit I was referring to was giving a note on how gas grenades are armed when they hit the ground then they can keep going, in a way they are a mobile proximity device and I think the only one. It was deleted because the member felt it was irrelevant and a strategy which we don't do but two notes above my own before it was deleted one said if you throw a gas grenade I will make noise and alert nearby enemies. How is that not strategy or more relevant then what I wrote in the notes. Sorry if I seem to be making to big of a deal just want some clarification. Thanks for your time.