This is something in response to last week's "Relic of the war that wasn't" but I've just thought about it and I think it's a good theory. It was the one about Lt.Colonel Stanislav Petrov preventing a new world war despite a tricky computer malfuction. If you haven't read it, I recommend you look up September 29th's News Digest and scroll to the end, it's a good read.

What if the Great War in the Fallout world occurred because one nation's computer which detected if a nuclear bomb was launched and coming towards them, malfunctioned? It could have been any nation, US, China, Russia ect, but even if one nation thought a bomb was coming towards them, they most likely would have launched alot of their nukes setting off a chain reaction. This could possibly provide an explanation for why nobody can seem to come up with who exactly struck first in the Great War.

What do you guys think?