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The Weekly Saturday Poll is a poll (not a pole!) every Saturday asking the community what they think about the fallout series ranging from skills, guns, music and other paraphernalia. Have a suggestion for the next poll? Tell me on my talk page!

Welcome again to the 9th edition of the Polls. I'm currently off for the holidays from school and I'm actually looking forward to going back. Doing nothing all day and lazing around, it kind of gets boring in a way. Me? I've been doing some reading and playing some Resident Evil 4. It might sound blasphemous to some of you RE fans, but RE4 is actually my second favourite in the series. Maybe I had a soft spot for the "Hey! It's that dog!" which helps you in the El Gigante fight or maybe it was "Miiiiiiiike!", but I loved that game and had a hell of a lot of fun. The Nukapedian of the Year award (or NOTY as it's shortened to) has finally had its results in and (almost unsuprisingly) Jspoelstra won the grand prize! He is an edit-making machine that he almost seems not of this world. Make your way there to ogle his Golden Bobblehead Prize and also to congratulate the other runners-up people because they did an outstanding job as well for this Wiki. I just wonder to think who will win next year. Also, Republic of Faffi has designed and made a Fallout monopoly board which looked really incredibly. Just goes to show how talented and creative other people on this Wiki are!

Wait, if a nightkin were mixed with a red super mutant would it be a PURPLE MUTANT?!— AOMRocks20, when Morpheus offers you the two pills, for god sake don't mix them!!

Last Week's Results

Question #1 Firstly, I asked everybody how they resolved the Honest Hearts DLC.

  • Annnnnd, 4 people didn't play it! They should do, the scenery is like porn for the eyes.
  • 16 people sided with Daniel and lead the Sorrows out of Zion. Does Daniel become happy after all this you ask? No! Now he whines about how he misses Zion. Always something eh? He reminds me of Arcade Gannon. Un-pleasable.
  • In first place came giving the middle finger to Daniel and siding with Graham to wipe out the White Legs! It got 62 votes. Does Graham ever need to stop putting on bandages? No, because bandages... bandages never change. Well, Graham changes them everyday anyway.

Question #2 I'll admit, I loved the New Vegas side main characters. Which is why I asked everybody whose their favourite was.

  • In third place is Dean Domino with 27 votes. He's nice and all, just don't insult his ego... He tends to be a bit uhm, unforgiving.
  • Doctor Mooooooobius! came second with 46 votes. Actually, Ulysses came second as well, with 46 votes as well. Alright guys, would you rather talk to a mentat addicted whacko doctor or a Morpheus wanna-be? I choose the whacko doctor anyday. Here, have a mentat, on the house.
  • In first place was Joshua Graham with 106 votes. He's cool alright, but he would have just as easily killed you to death if he was Caesar's bitch still. Thankfully, he's somewhat more good now.

Question #3 Thirdly, I asked people what their favourite F3 DLC main character was. Was I having a DLC themed Poll this week?

  • Sneaking in at third place is Kago the samurai. Is it just me or is Kago some weird kind of Wild Card? He managed a big win on somebody's blog poll a while ago, I think it might have been Chad's male beauty contest, maybe. But he seems to pop up strangely.
  • Ashur carved his place in at second with 43 votes. Thank you, citizens of the Pitt, for voting for your noble leader. You are helping forge the way to a new golden age.
  • Desmond, the tough, rough and sarcastic ghoul clawed his way to first place amidst the bones of his enemies with 114 votes. He thinks you're a useful bunch of mammals, so today, he will consider not swearing at you and hitting you.

Question #4 And finally, in the spirit of the New Year I asked everybody what they planned on doing when the big day arrived.

  • 38 people went to a party! Here's hoping they didn't die from intoxication or DNORT- Dancing naked on roof-tops.
  • 62 people said that they would be spending time with their family! Getting drunk with them I presume...
  • And thankfully there were people who like me, were just going to be at home by themselves reading or watching something ect.

Question Time

Inevitably, there are characters in games which piss you the hell off. The first question comes from Theattackcorgi, who asks us what our favourite way to kill annoying characters is?


Side quests are just as important as the main quests for a Fallout game. How else would I waste my time when I'm supposed to be looking for Dad or the GECK?

Which game had your favourite side quests?

The poll was created at 02:59 on January 4, 2014, and so far 283 people voted.

Lastly, anonymous user would like us to ponder the true meaning of Christmas: presents. What is your favourite Christmas present? This is an open Poll as there are just too many types of presents to actually put onto here, so feel free to comment your answer.

My Random Video For The Week

Good thing Hail reminded me that I forgot to put in the random video! You now all get to see Peter Parker strutting his stuff down the street and pelvic thrusting in front of ladies. Hey, I thought that film was hilarious.

Spider-Man 3 - The Cool Peter Parker

Spider-Man 3 - The Cool Peter Parker


Well, that's all for this Week folks. Have fun! If you have any suggestions for the next Poll, feel free to leave them on my talk page.