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The Weekly Saturday Poll is a poll (not a pole!) every Saturday asking the community what they think about the fallout series ranging from skills, guns, music and other paraphernalia. Have a suggestion for the next poll? Tell me on my talk page!

Welcome. Come one, come all. Take a seat and turn up your TV set for your weekly rendition of the Polls! It's your host BrandonFox again, how are you all?

Man, Chad don't do sheeit for the news. I go to Eden for my news. All the propaganda I could ever need.— Shh, you'll hurt Eden2012's feelings, Richie9999.

Oh lordy lordy. Here we go again folks. Another F4 has teaser come out. After the last one, I don't want to sound big-headed "I told you so" am I? However, the last one actually looked more convincing than this current one. Just ask yourself this, why has nobody else but Kotaku seen these documents? Why indeed. Moreover, Christmas will soon be upon us! Personally, I'm not a huge fan of Christmas. I don't like the food or the music and on a deeper level... I don't like spending that much of a time with my family. I just get like: "Oh god, get me out of here away from these people". So tell me, what are all of your Christmases going to be like? Or do some of you not even celebrate it because of a religion or something? Let me know in the comments!

Last Week's Results

Question #1 Yes yes I know, favourite F3 DLC questions have been done many times. Remember, I felt like resetting all the questions done folks, since we had DG for more than a year. I asked you what your favourite F3 DLC was?

  • In third place was... a tie! Between Operation Anchorage and Broken Steel! Liberty Prime cannot believe he was classed with another DLC for favourite. How could you! You dare class Prime with the communist invaders of Anchorage?
  • In 2nd place was The Pitt! Out of all the DLC's, I'd say that The Pitt had the deepest story of all. Very grey, just the way I like it. On the other hand, I felt very grey with the bugs. There were many a places where the slowdowns and lag felt like a glitch in the Matrix...
  • And the grand winner was... Point Lookout! Taking boat-rides with strange men, drug induced hallucinations from fruit which looked like it was pulled out of a rotting bin, evil brains bent on region domination, and Desmond. What more could you want?

Question #2 Will the real Agentc please stand up, please stand up. Who is the best news reporter on the Wikia?

  • Agentc C-option came third place. THIRD PLACE!? He was a master at his craft! You should all be ashamed of this travesty...
  • In 2nd place was Agentc A-option. Heh, not a bad choice. Coulda done better I guess, but his coverage of the upcoming My Little Pony DLC for New Vegas was excellent though.
  • Ta-da! Agentc B-option came first! All right, that's it. I've had it with you all, you chose this guy? Clearly voters have come a long way than originally intended when the war for Nukapedian independence was won.

Question Time


Take a look at this, tell me what you see?

Rorschach blot

Poll:What_did_you_see_in_the_picture|This way to the 2nd Poll

Poll:When_do_you_think_we%27ll_officially_get_word_on_Fallout_4_from_Bethesda%3F|This way to the 3rd Poll

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