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The Weekly Saturday Poll is a poll (not a pole!) every Saturday asking the community what they think about the fallout series ranging from skills, guns, music and other paraphernalia. Have a suggestion for the next poll? Tell me on my talk page!

Now that it’s raining more than ever, I told you I’ll be here forever and that we’ll still have each other. Don’t worry, you can stand under the Saturday Polls’ umbrella-ella-ella. Eh eh eh. Eh? Nevermind.

Ah, the good old NCR argument. It really churns out the big replies and long threads. Just about as much as Enclave arguments.— Leea

Woo, I managed to get a part-time job for the Summer so I can earn money. It’ll be in a shoe shop though so I may have to touch people’s feet. Not so bad if it’s attractive women, but if it’s old people and children? Yeech. I’m also on the second book now of the Song of Ice and Fire series. Did you know that the Lord Commander’s raven talks in the books? Why doesn’t it in the show! Anyway, here’s a picture of Patchface who never made it into the TV adaptation.


Last Week's Results

Question #1 I asked You're Tenpenny's newest chef and you're making a meal for him, what do you decide to cook up?

  • In third place with 23 votes was the Wasteland Omelette. These people decided to rock out with the Wasteland’s most interesting and rare ingredients! Just try not to think of the little baby Deathclaw that could have been, you monsters.
  • In 2nd place with 44 votes was going fancy smancy with Brahmin Wellington. Tenpenny is sure in for a treat. Even Phillipe, the Brahmin fusion master of New Vegas would be proud of you!
  • And in 1st place with 91 votes was poisoning Tenpenny’s meal. RIP these 91 individuals, for they put a little flag sticking out of his food saying “this definitely does not contain any poison whatsoever”. Needless to say, Tenpenny was not fooled.

Question #2 I asked Who is truly the best superhero of them all?

  • In 3rd place with 47 votes was Superheroes are dumb. I agree. Spiderman is just plain silly, the only one I like is Batman. Wait, is he a superhero?
  • Coming in at 2nd place with 50 votes was Awesome-Jaw with his/her army of deathclaws! These people didn’t seem to mind that I accidentally spelled it Awesome-Jaw instead of Awesome-Claw but the love is still there and that’s all that matters :)
  • And in first place with 87 votes was the Mechanist. Fear not people of the Wasteland, his robots are here to protect you from the tyranny of the Antagonizer! Yeah, the Mechanist doesn’t have many friends.

Question #3 I asked Do you want a canon ending revealed for Fallout: New Vegas?

  • Third place with 41 votes was No! If NCR are picked as canon I think I’ll go ape.
  • 2nd place with 47 votes was yes, but only if it’s the side I like playing for. That doesn’t sound unfair at all!
  • In first place with 131 votes was Yes! I have bad news guys, the aliens take Hoover Dam.

Question #4 I asked If another Fallout 4 "teaser" site came along, would you believe it?

  • In third place with 12 votes was Other. I had no idea what these people had in mind and couldn’t understand a word of what GenBolt was talking about, so let’s move on shall we?
  • In 2nd place, 38 people said yes as they feel open-minded. Did you know the next game will be set in Luton? It’s true, check it out.
  • And in 1st place with 154 votes was no, never forget the Survivor. I’ll never forget the reveal when it was finally over, I laughed myself silly.

Question Time

You're tending to your Brahmin ranch when a big comet crashes nearby. Upon close inspection you find it isn’t really a comet at all, it’s a giant Radroach which looks way more tougher than the regular variant! Other “comets” are falling as well. You know that you have a shotgun in the house with ammo, but it probably won’t be enough. What do you do?

The poll was created at 12:50 on July 19, 2014, and so far 195 people voted.

Which of these side-quests do you like the sound of?

The poll was created at 16:02 on July 19, 2014, and so far 184 people voted.

From anonymous user

Who is the most annoying companion in New Vegas?

The poll was created at 12:50 on July 19, 2014, and so far 185 people voted.

From Leea:

Have you ever played a Low Intelligence character?

The poll was created at 12:50 on July 19, 2014, and so far 203 people voted.

My random video of the week

James Confronts Pyramid Head!

James Confronts Pyramid Head!

What's in the next Edition?

I will probably be discussing the final "boss" battle of Fallout 3 and we will be finding out what a day in the life of Veronica Santangelo is like! And of course, if suggestions are given they may be there too.

That's all this week. If you have any suggestions, leave them on my talk-page.