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The Weekly Saturday Poll is a poll (not a pole!) every Saturday asking the community what they think about the fallout series ranging from skills, guns, music and other paraphernalia. Have a suggestion for the next poll? Tell me on my talk page!

Welcome to the Saturday Polls: After Dark. Today you will find more sex adverts than usual for hot girls in your area, and also for products and companies you've never heard of before.

Fuck Butch, fuck him hard. A date with Pamela Anderson from the 90's.— One of these two things is Eden2012's biggest wish, can you guess what it is?

Apologies if you're finding the Polls a bit late today (wherever you are), I've been doing work and stuff for my upcoming exams. So recently right, I've been playing Xbox games which I've never got round to playing. Weirdly enough as a 360 owner, I had never played a Halo game before. I played Combat evolved a few months ago and am now playing Halo 2 a little, and it's pretty fun. Not my usual game, first shooters but what the hell. What on earth has happened to that plane? Leave any thoughts down below. Personally, I think they crashed on an island with no inhabitants.

Last Week's Results

Question #1 I asked you all how you resolved the "Sweetroll dilemma" (it's harder than it sounds).

  • In third place, 35 people did the simple option of just refusing to give Butch the roll. Does anybody else think Butch should have named his gang the "Tunnel Cakes" as a result to that precious cake memory at your birthday party?
  • Secondly, 40 individuals just ate the cake before he even asked for it. Talk about thinking outside the box. Just be careful these people, if you eat too many of those sweetrolls, you might not even fit back into the box...
  • Finally, 98 chose to insult Butch's mother for her predisposition towards alcohol consumption. Without answering why I chose to make it sound sophisticated, let's just say it ended up causing Butch to lay a pounding on you. Birthday bash indeed.

Question #2 I asked people what you did when Butch asked you to save his mum.

  • 10 people gave Butch their precious BB gun to fight the radroaches. Ridiculous maaaan, we were like, totally infringing on the rights of the radroaches to enter the Vault and attack people. Roach rights 2014.
  • In second place, came 15 people who convinced Butch to save her himself through Speech. If I had a good Speech in real life, I'd do a lot more than that. (Psssst, vote me as President of the world...)
  • And in 1st place, 169 people saved Butch's mum themselves. Well why not, you get a Tunnel Snakes jacket as a reward!
    where is the plane?

Bonus question. I asked the community what was their idea of an offer you couldn't refuse?

  • Thirdly, 13 people said a car. Except the problem is they never specified what car, so as a result they get a toy car.
  • In second place, 17 people said a date with me. So tell me Poll-goer, tell me about yourself? What do you like to read? I'll refill our wine glasses...
  • Finally, 120 people said money. Cold hard cash. Remember folks, money can't buy you happiness, unless that happiness is a prostitute.
    Two more more numbers needed

Here in the studio today to discuss the results, I have the Toaster. Who has just been fixed by the Nukapedia janitor on the floor below.

Microphone and Stand
Live from the Polls
TALK - with BrandonFox and the Toaster
James Sunderland

Good evening Toaster, how are you today?

Toaster OWB
Mwahahahaha, systems restored! I am back to conquer this pathetic realm!

James Sunderland
Well, the floor we're currently on, the third floor, doesn't exactly have any resources of value, apart from Agentc and my studio I guess. The floor above us though... the fourth floor... nobody ever goes up there. It's haunted we think.

Toaster OWB
Really? I guess that floor would be of value to me, if the spirits and demons of that floor could be channeled to and controlled to destroy my victims!

James Sunderland
But you're just a toaster, how can you even do anything?

Toaster OWB
Buddy, I'm the fucking geyser of death. I make all electronic appliances shit in their circuits at the mere spark of an electrode. You know that film the Brave Little Toaster?

James Sunderland

Toaster OWB
I was set to be the main star, until all the kettles and phones of the directors and producers exploded into oblivion as they crossed into my presence. Now they have that other pathetic toaster you know, whose all into friendship and other worthless shit!

James Sunderland
I guess it's a good thing my phone is a cheap piece of crap then. Anyways, onto the results. So Toaster, most people insulted Butch's mother for her alcoholism. Any thoughts?

Toaster OWB
That, is an acceptable outcome. However, I personally would have disemboweled that fucker and paraded his insides around the kitchen like a streamer for ALL the inhabitants to see so that nobody should fuck with me!

James Sunderland
Don't think that would have went down well for a child's birthday party. Most people also chose to save Butch's mother when the occasion arose.

Toaster OWB
Fools! All of them! Mercy is a weak emotion experienced only by the most idiotic of imbeciles! The radroaches should have been left to their meal... the flesh torn from her body so that their little bodies absorbed her innards and only a skeleton of that booze-hound woman remains...

James Sunderland
Drunk radroaches are also a sight to behold, believe me. Well then Toaster, that's all we have time for I'm afraid.

Toaster OWB
Th-that's all? You ain't even gonna ask me to make some toast? Come on... I have a good small piece just cooked. All you have to do is reach right into my bread-slot...

James Sunderland
Well.. I am pretty hungry. *puts his hand into the bread-slot*

James Sunderland
Oww! Ahh jesus, my hand! It burns!!!

Toaster OWB
Mwahahahaha! Burn motherfucker! Soon the world will know the same feeling!

James Sunderland

Dear god, someone help me! Camera-man, get over here! GET OVER HERE NOW!!

Question Time

What's your favourite way of killing Benny?

The poll was created at 20:50 on March 29, 2014, and so far 251 people voted.

Would you like to see drivable cars in the next Fallout game?

The poll was created at 20:50 on March 29, 2014, and so far 269 people voted.

What do you reckon has happened to Malaysia Airlines Flight 370?

The poll was created at 20:50 on March 29, 2014, and so far 230 people voted.

My random video of the week

Would you believe me if I said I only like it for the music?

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