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The Weekly Saturday Poll is a poll (not a pole!) every Saturday asking the community what they think about the fallout series ranging from skills, guns, music and other paraphernalia. Have a suggestion for the next poll? Tell me on my talk page!

Welcome to the Saturday Polls. The place that doesn't discriminate whether you're male or female, French or American, or like Pepsi more than Coca Cola. Except however, if you're a Belieber, or are a fan of Digimon. In that case, get the hell out of here.

bitch please... this is a democratical vote. Of course there need to be bribes— Peace'n Hugs

So last night, I went to watch the new 300 film. It coulda' been better in my view. A 15/20 from me. I was hoping it would be more of a sequel to the first one. I wasn't completely interested in what happened to the Greeks, I was more hoping for what would happen when there was over 10 000 Spartans fighting the Persians! Like what was stated at the end of the 1st film. At least they had a nice nod to the "This is Sparta!!" line (the wife says it). But still, there's gonna be a third film to conclude things right? No matter what though, Xerxes will still look to me like a male Barbie doll wearing mascara. Anybody seen the new 300 film yet? What were your views?

Last Week's Results

Question #1 It brings me great pleasure to say that Spocklan116 has been voted in as Vice President. Proof of victory is posted beside. Absolutely no tampering was involved. As new Vice President, I assume he will be receiving a fancy badge to post on his profile as a sign of his authority. May he serve with distinction for many years, until he chokes on some iguana on a stick, or something.


Question #2 Last week I asked you all where you thought Jason Bright and his Ghouls went on their rocket ship.

  • In third place, 17 people thought that they went to another planet in the solar system or some other galaxy. Hey who knows, maybe they 'got their ass to Mars' and discovered the secrets of Dark Matter and interstellar space travel?
  • 25 people said the Moon. I hope their legs didn't break, walking on the moon.
  • And in first place, with 143 votes, people got Shyamalan'd and thought that they never even left Earth, they just flew to somewhere else on our planet! What a twist indeed!

Question #3 And finally, I asked everybody: who would win in a dance off between aliens and the people of Earth?

  • The majority thought Humans would win! With 100 votes to 87 votes. Uh hum, please discard my previous comment of "welcoming our new break-dancing alien overlords". And now live in the Poll studio, we have a guest speaker who has taken time out of her busy schedule as Shadow Brok- I mean, as innocent archeologist, to speak to me.
Microphone and Stand
Live from the Polls
TALK - with BrandonFox and Liara T'Soni

Hello, Fox.

James Sunderland
Hello Liara, it's great to meet you.

Likewise. I've heard a lot about a certain Poll master from audio transmissions I've been intercepting.

James Sunderland
Really? Interesting...

Of course, nothing escapes my eyes. Especially the videos and pictures you've been downloading to your personal computer recently. What's the matter? Shy to talk to girls?

James Sunderland
Those are private!

Certainly, which made it that much more amusing to see ;)

James Sunderland
-gulps- Uhm, let's move onto the... results.

If that is what you would like, then sure. Just remember to make sure to send those videos my way, so I can... study your species' mating proclivities in further detail.

James Sunderland
(!?) Um, of course. So the humans beat the aliens in the dance-off. Any thoughts?

The majority of voters most likely thought your opposition would be the much stereotyped grey Brunco aliens from the Falx nebula. From what I've heard, their dancing skills are no different than the Salarians'.

James Sunderland
Well, to be honest, Earth does have some very good dancers...

But what if you had faced the Asari? Then I'm sure you wouldn't be as smug as you are now, Fox. Have you ever faced an Asari dance squad before? Few humans have.

James Sunderland
Well, not really no. Anyway, it's been great having you on the show Liara!

And likewise, it's been great being on the show. By the way Fox, if you ever want to know how well an Asari can truly dance, you need only to ask me, lay back in your chair, and relax.

James Sunderland

Oh my...

Question Time

Who was the person you sold most of the Lincoln artifacts to in Fallout 3?

The poll was created at 14:22 on March 8, 2014, and so far 251 people voted.

Generally, what is your stance towards slavery in the Fallout series?

The poll was created at 14:22 on March 8, 2014, and so far 270 people voted.

My random video of the week

Maybe Hannibal should know how to threaten properly.

Fallout 3 - What do you mean I can't leave?

Fallout 3 - What do you mean I can't leave?


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