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The Weekly Saturday Poll is a poll (not a pole!) every Saturday asking the community what they think about the fallout series ranging from skills, guns, music and other paraphernalia. Have a suggestion for the next poll? Tell me on my talk page!

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We were somewere around Barstow, on the edge of the desert, when the drugs began to take hold.— Anonymous

Howdy folks. It's your host again. I'm really psyched for what's happening in 2 weeks time. What is it you ask? Well, I'll be going to America with my school as part of a school exchange visit! I'll be in Virginia for about 10 days, staying with a host family and going to an American High-School for a couple days but I'll also be visiting Philadelphia as well as landmarks in DC as well. During the two weekends in which I won't be able to do the Polls (15, 16, 22, 23rd of February), I'll be having somebody covering for me. I've chosen MountHail because he's a cool guy and I know he'll do fine! I'll be taking pictures, obviously :D and I might put some up when I come back like Agentc has recently done. Do we have any users who live in Virginia? We could meet up! I know I already might be meeting DeadGunner in Philadelphia. Anybody have any tips for surviving in an American high-school and well, day to day life in general in the States? Let me know in the comments!

Last Week's Results

Question #1 I asked everybody if they would live in the Fallout world if they had the chance.

  • In third place were the users who vehemently said "No!" You could say they're scared, but I think they're being realistic. Would you really wanna live in a world where proper showers, toilet roll, toothpaste and shampoo don't exist? Um, on second thought, don't answer.
  • In joint second place was "Maybe.." and "Definitely, this world is so boring!" Maybe those users would come back once they've seen what that world is like? Maybe, I'll say mayyyyyybeeeeeee.....
  • And in first place were the users who would only live there if they could be the protagonist. Well, you know what my grandad always used to say: "Only some of us can be heroes, but mostof us are just end up as NPC's". Too right he is.

Question #2 Leea asked everyone what their favourite casino to gamble in was.

  • Gomorrah came third with 44 votes. I think I know why everybody voted for this one. Isn't it obvious? Sexiest slot machines ever. Seriously, the detail and work put into those slot machines is second to none!
  • In second place were the people who say no to gambling. They're just upset they have a low Luck SPECIAL! I bet they're one of those finicky "Caravan" playing types...
  • And in top place came... the Tops! With 109 votes It's the bees knees baby, and everybody knows it. Everyone goes there to know how to have a good time. Nobody comes to me to have a good time, but that's fine. My fees are expensive for the "Whole package" if you know what I mean.

Question #3 And finally, just how did everybody deal with Mister Lopez of Rivet City?

  • 32 people don't even know who Mister Lopez is... That's fine. He's used to it. He'll be gone soon anyway. I hope you guys are happy with yourselves... prats
  • 34 people helps Mister Lopez kill himself. I can't blame them. It's fun watching him plummet to the ground without moving anything at all, like he's a weight falling from the sky in a cartoon. Did everybody know you can manually push him off so you don't even lose any karma?
  • An astounding 166 people convinced Mister Lopez to live and look on the bright side of life! I guarantee that at least 1 in 10 of you now have that song in your head now. But honestly, has anybody ever actually seen Lopez helping Ted after you save him? I haven't.

Question Time

My 1st question is a fairly big one and I've done my best to cover all the main conflicts with each game, so I'm sorry if something you like isn't here! Some of them also have a bit of detail in the brackets, to let you know where the conflict took place or might else have been involved


If you could be reincarnated as any of these animals, which would you choose?

The poll was created at 14:44 on February 1, 2014, and so far 226 people voted.

That's all for today, see you in the comments and next week!