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The Weekly Saturday Poll is a poll (not a pole!) every Saturday asking the community what they think about the fallout series ranging from skills, guns, music and other paraphernalia. Have a suggestion for the next poll? Tell me on my talk page!

What rhymes with break? And often makes my hands and arms ache? That's right, it's time for porn! Okay, that doesn't really make sense... How about, polls?

Fuckin' Three-Dog. One minute he's talking about how I'm the coolest cat in the wastes, then he's saying I killed everyone in Tenpenny even though my lawyer says you can't prove that and even if I did they probably deserved it.— Yes-Man, leave Tenpenny Tower alone!! :o

Children, I'm afraid I have some terrible, terrible news. BF sources have confirmed that the mushroom cloud seen in the vicinity of the United States was in fact... yes, another Miley Cyrus song. It's been no secret that the butt in the centre of Miley's pants could under the wrong conditions, still go twerk-twerk. Well, twerk it has gone. But it was all just a tragic accident, right? Don't you believe that for a second, folks. Word is, is that soulless and greedy recording company; RCA Records, has been looking to bring Miley back to the music charts for weeks. But just who wrote the awful as ever lyrics? Ask yourself this, why has MountHail been spotted driving a fancy new and red Ferrari without a care in the world? Why indeed. In other news, I can now confirm that RangerMaraffko is now the Vice President of the Enclave! He promised pizza. So if he doesn't keep his promise in a few weeks time, be sure to rabble rabble him, okay? An NCR person part of the Enclave? Well, now I've seen everything.

Last Week's Results

Question #1 A popularity vote here... Who was everybody's favourite Patroller?

  • 69.125 came third! He started as an anon but has now climbed the ranks to be one of this Wiki's greatest editors and patrollers! Um, what is a patroller anyway?
  • In second place came Peace'n Hugs, who runs the "Where the hell is Helena!?" blog! Seriously, I suck at finding Helena.
  • And in first place came the Enclave golden boy himself; Eden2012! He won in such a landslide you could have sworn you were just hit with the Rock Slide move from Pokemon!

Question #2 The Vaults are very important in a Fallout game, hence why I decided to do two questions on them! Which one was your favourite in Fallout 3?

  • Vault 106, aka the whacky Vault which makes you hallucinate and think things are blue came 3rd. When I first encountered this, I thought my game was crashing and glitching, so I turned it off :/
  • In second place is Vault 101! It wasn't for everybody, which is why it came only second. But hey, maybe I'll call on you to come back and help it only so I can kick you out again on your arse, eh?
  • The Gary Vault of 108 came 1st! The Garys in the next result are all ecstatic that their Vault won, and wish to offer all who voted for them a most friendly "Garyyy!"

Question #3 Garys galore! Garys galore! Hey, what's this? One of the Gary clones has their own shop in Rivet City!? Which Gary clone was your favourite?

  • Gary 42 came third with 14 votes. You people clearly do not understand the importance of this Gary, for he is the ultimate answer to all of life!
  • In 2nd place was Gary 1, who possessed the voice of an angel... Who else wants a singing band of Garys?
  • With an astonishing 108 votes, Gary 23 takes home the prize! I think he promised everybody pizza if he won....

Question #4 As I said before, part II of Vault questions! Which Vault was your favourite in New Vegas?

  • Vault 34 came third with 44 votes, which is where all of our BOOMER!! Oh, sorry, let me collect myself for a bit... It is where all of our... Boomer buddies came from. Those who didn't vote for them are getting artilleried!
  • In second place came Vault 21 with 49 votes, the den of gambling which actually worked. It's just too bad Mr House filled the lower levels with concrete, eh? Now I'll never be able to explore Sarah Weintraub's vault which runs deep and wide, where so many of Sarah's rooms went far... -sigh-
  • Vault 11, the most horrific of all the Vegas vaults, came first! With 93 votes. Who else wonders whatever happened to the final guy who managed to make it out alive?

Question #5 And finally, what was everybody's favourite Radio station?

  • Enclave Radio managed to make it to third place. But... close but no cigar. I'm gonna take this opportunity to say that Agatha's station sucked.
  • Radio New Vegas came second! He thinks all of you are wonderful, in your own special way, even those who didn't vote for him.
  • Was it even a surprise? Galaxy News Radio came home top dog. Maybe I should have added a GNR under control of Margaret option? Because everybody knows she was better than Three Dog!

Question Time


Our second question comes from the lovely Leea, who asks us what all of favourite Casinos are? Thank you for your contribution Leea!

Favourite Casino to gamble in?

The poll was created at 11:25 on January 25, 2014, and so far 284 people voted.

How did you deal with Mister Lopez of Rivet City?

The poll was created at 11:25 on January 25, 2014, and so far 260 people voted.

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What? You don't remember being taught about Hitler's rise to power through song and dance?

Springtime for Hitler

Springtime for Hitler


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