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The Weekly Saturday Poll is a poll (not a pole!) every Saturday asking the community what they think about the fallout series ranging from skills, guns, music and other paraphernalia. Have a suggestion for the next poll? Tell me on my talk page!

Hello Nukapedians and welcome again to the Saturday Polls. It might seem early, but it's already Saturday here in the UK.

It's not that I hate muties.. Some are quite entertaining. The rest just make for good fertilizer when their heads go POP!.— SaintPain

Today marks the day where DeadGunner's reign of terror comes to an end, and so will begin my reign of terr...ific management over the Polls! Naw, I'm just joking about the terror part of course. Starting from now on, the Saturday Polls will be presented by me as your new host. Dead Gunner has served as an excellent Poll-Master for the past year ever since Yes-Man stepped down from the post, and has consistently proven how much of a valuable member he is of this fine community. DG however has finally decided to retire his post to a successor, kindly handing the position to me. Nate, seriously, you have done an outstanding job and you should be incredibly proud of yourself. I and others always looked forward to this weekly community event, especially when it was presented by you. Me and the other avid fans of the Polls once again thank you for providing us with entertainment for the past year. Now that I think about it, the Polls themselves have had quite a bit of history haven't they? But that'll be for another time. I'm sure you're all waiting for me to stop rambling and get on with last week's results and provide you with new questions to ponder in your brainy heads. We have a lot of results to do, so let's all breathe in nice and slowly, and we'll get through it. (inhales and exhales deeply). Okay! let's get to it!

Last Week's Results

My Test Poll attracted some attention. And people voiced their very important views on some very important questions.

  • Answer A, B and D all got exactly 3 votes each. Which is ridiculous, considering D's story was absolutely awful and sucked. Answer A however made me feel euphoric and made me reflect on my life and my morals, seriously, not many things do that. And option B is just plain right-wing which dodges the real issues of our politics.
  • Answer C won by one vote, standing in at 4 votes. I cannot say I agreed entirely, but at least the voice acting was good.

Question #1 Considering the fact that the Fallout 3 world is filled with such happy places to live or go on holiday, you were asked: If you could live in one of these places, which would it be? Take culture and people into effect.

  • 61 people said they would rather live in Megaton. It's a nice place and all, if only there wasn't a crazy guy in a suit who wanted to roast the town like a Christmas turkey. But the worst part? The damn leaflets those Church people put on your door during Broken Steel which NEVER STOP COMING!! It's like today's junk-mail all over again...
  • 65 of you would prefer the Citadel. It's a safe and secure place that's for sure, but they have computers as well, with lots of databases. You know what that means you can do in your free time right? Just don't forget the tissues and remember to delete your search history after every session, lest Elder Lyons will ban you from the internet for a whole year.
  • 94 people chose Rivet City. Safe walls, leaking roofs, a lab and merchants. What more could you want? Still, the question remains for many wastelanders as to just how the city was set up. My response to Moira? Let's just say I did it, I'm that fantabludozy. It's a word, now.

Question #2 The ending of a game can decide the enjoyment of a game for many people. It's true, just ask some of the Mass Effect fans. Be prepared for passionate responses however... From this, you were asked Which game has the best endings overall (including DLC)?

  • In third place was Fallout 2 with 15 votes. The fact that many of the endings have bugs probably has something to do with this, it did for me. Also, be prepared to use ending requirement walkthroughs. There are literally thousands of ending possibilities, (I use that term very loosely).
  • Fallout 3 came second with 42 votes. It's a more straightforward ending but srsly Bethesda, why u no allow me to send Fawkes instead originally? It got 42 votes, which should mean it instantly gets 1st place, but the law specifically states that 'the most votes is the winner'. Damn this democracy.
  • New Vegas got a whopping 206 votes! More options to end the game, individual endings for locations, what's not to love? You also get to see General Oliver get thrown off the top of the Dam by Yes Man if your talkie skills are good enough. I have only three words to say: THIS. IS. VEGAS!

Question #3 We have been whisked off to the land of hippies, trees and woodstock. Just how did everybody finish the Oasis quest?

  • 12 people burned Harold and let him die in fear and pain. Him wanting to die simply wasn't enough for you, and you had to glam it up! He would tell you you're a prick, but unfortunately he's been killed to death. That's why you should always carry a burn-heal, kids.
  • 80 of you simply killed him and let him rest in peace. I can't exactly argue against you, he died peacefully and it's what he wanted. I wouldn't want to be a tree for the rest of my life either. Just having to be one for my Primary School play was worse enough. Imagine the distinct lack of poonage...
  • 169 people chose to spread Harold's love all over the Wasteland! I once chose to spread my love all around the school, but the girls screamed and slapped me. Now I have a restraining order. Let's hope you used protection when you chose to spread Harold's love to everyone.

Question #4 Some factions inevitably get more screen-time than others (and better writing), Which of the Fallout: New Vegas factions did you think was most useless?

  • 16 said the Greasers were the most useless. Maybe you guys haven't seen their skills with automobiles yet? Their latest car was like greased-lightening! Sorry, bad joke...
  • The Scorpions came next with 38 votes. They have a cool name, but in combat they just came close to Radscorpions. I was honestly expecting a team of ninjas or something, maybe Mortal Kombat is to blame...
  • Without a doubt, Maude's Muggers are the most useful faction with 163 votes. Maybe they escaped from working as whores at the Atomic Wrangler? And I beg to differ, the NCR are clearly the most useless. Can't even conquer a whole region, gawd I can do that in my dreams, and have. You are all my subjects during sleepytime in my wonderful dreaming head.

Question #5 Seeing as we can't help but love who the hell is trying to kill us at any point in the Fallout world, DeadGunner asked everybody: What's your favorite type of mutant ?

  • 49 people don't like mutants and believe they deserve the fate of having the matter of their atoms and cells perish from existence. Alright, alright, they wanted the mutants dead. Happy now?
  • 74 of you like the Super Mutants most of all. They'll wear your bones around THEIR necks!!! Eden2012 is displeased. Their yellow colour leads me to believe they were mutated by the same nuclear powerplant of Springfield. Damn you Mr Burns.
  • The Ghouls came out on top, but only on this Poll because in real life they smell icky, with 118 votes. On the contrary, the Ever Ruler must be pleased. Got a problem, smoothskins?

Question #6 Ahh, those bobbleheads. I wish I had one in real life. Then I could attract the ladies with my sheer awesomeness, but only with a Charisma one. Did you collect all the Bobbleheads?

  • 26 of you got the weird ones from Point Lookout, but not all the DC ones. Don't know about you, but I liked the PL ones most of all. Onto the next highest ranker, this is one result you're not going to fight your way out of...
  • 55 people couldn't do it, because it was too hard! You guys give up way too easily. Wait, what? There's bobbleheads in a place populated by Deathclaws and mutated deadly grizzly bears? Yeah, forget that.
  • It makes me happy to say that 184 people did get all of the bobbleheads and love their collection! Now, keep those things in mint condition and you can get a bundle for them on Ebay. Or you could keep them and ogle them like they're scantily-clad women dancing next to poles at an erotic club, which is what I would do.

Question #7 Even the best of friends ask you to do stuff for them in order to get something in return. Well, some of them just used me and never bothered to say thanks but this is about the good friends. DeadGunner asked you all: Which of these companions had the best companion quest?

  • With 21 votes came Veronica. She's upset she didn't win, but she has snack cakes and has gotten revenge on some of her enemies, and you also got her a dress, so it's okay, she forgives you.
  • Arcade machine- I mean Gannon, came second with 97 of your hard earned votes. He's super happy to have come second, but-wait? You sided with the Legion? Arcade would like to say: go fornicate yourself, and hard.
  • With 103 votes, Boone wins the prize. He should be delighted, but he's too busy crying over his dead wife to take any notice... of anything. It's like he's being toyed with. By writers. And the player. And me.

Finally, Nate left us with one final poll. In it, he asked us if we would miss him.

  • 11 people will not. It seems your indoctrination hasn't been successful. In order to remedy this, all you need is a sack of mole-rats... But in all seriousness, I believe these people don't know what they're saying.
  • 36 people will sort of miss him. Kind of better, but still, this is Dead Gunner we're talking about!
  • On the other hand, 188 people will definitely miss him, and I see no reason why not.

Dead Gunner left us some inspirational reading at the end of his poll that really touched me deep down, even if I didn't write a passionate comment in response. I refer you back to his last poll if you haven't read it already. It's important stuff, that I think can apply to many people, even if it doesn't directly apply to you. With Dead Gunner's year of poll-guy ending, I have now stepped up. With it, I hope to bring a fresh new start to the Saturday Polls, so allow me to apologize if the 1st Poll below seems cliche and asked a million times to people before on this site.

Question Time

What is your favourite Fallout game?

The poll was created at 00:39 on November 9, 2013, and so far 458 people voted.

Remember, this is the most enjoyed game, not necessarily the best.

Were you annoyed that you couldn’t side with the Enclave in Fallout 2 and Fallout 3?

The poll was created at 00:44 on November 9, 2013, and so far 440 people voted.

That's all for this edition of the Saturday Polls. It's been a long edition, but thank you for stopping by and have fun until next week! I hope my term as Poll-guy proves to be an enjoyable and/or interesting experience for all involved. If you have any Poll ideas, feel free to leave them on my talk page.