Hello fellow Nukapedians, and how are you doing this fine day? Well, it's an alright day here, a little windy, but quite sunny. Anyhow, I've had something on my mind. Villains play an important part of fiction, be it films, literature, games, TV-shows. They provide motivation for our protagonists to move on, face challenges and ultimately save the day. They range from nearly all occupations from Serial Killers, Corrupt Cops, Demons, Monsters, Killer Cyborgs and many more. I refer to this list if you want a list of some of the greatest baddies ever conceived.

Although despite how we are all supposed to cheer for the hero in works, there has always been a huge interest in the villains, some are even more popular than the heroes of the story. We may admire them for their cunning intelligence, their brute strength, their charismatic influence over normal people or their backstory. It's safe to say that if there were no villains in many of the works we enjoy to face our protagonists, things would get boring pretty quick. For if we are left with no antagonist to face, we have nothing to really do.

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If you've ever completed a Zelda game before, odds are you've experienced this.

But there's also something else. On several occasions, as twisted as it may sound, I've actually wanted the villain to succeed before. Sometimes it may be that I admire their determination, they are so darn cooler than the heroes, the heroes may rub-off on me the wrong way and very rarely; what I think they're doing is right. And lets face it, the stupid victims with no common sense in Slasher films deserved to be killed quite frankly.

Rsz running upstairs

Not upstairs! Use the front door instead you dumb broad!

So yes, I've actually wanted the villain to succeed sometimes. Here are a few instances. The Dark Side from the Star Wars series always attracted me with its theme of hunger for power, and letting your anger come forth. Plus it's just so damn cool. Frequently I've pondered what things would have been like if our hero Luke had accepted Vader's offer at the end of 'The Empire Strikes Back'. Well, other than most of the good characters getting killed for supporting the Rebels and the Empire ruling with an iron-fist, I'd say that Luke and his father would probably go out together to play golf and enjoy some good old family bonding. Plus it would also mean we get no sequel involving these stupid-ass overgrown teddybears with spears.

Vader and son

"Aww, he's already built a miniature space station of death and destruction" *Sobs* "They grow up so fast!"

While not the tertiary antagonist of 'The Silence of The Lambs', Hannibal Lecter always struck a chord with me for his affable evilness. Sure, he's a cold-blooded murderer who ate people, but he was so damn polite, being courteous and nice to the rookie Agent Starling (who arguably is not very polite for trying to get him to cooperate with the investigation by using a phony offer to transfer him to a more pleasurable holding-cell). His escape from the heavily guarded building kept me on the edge of my seat and his intelligent brilliance, his planning, it worked out for him and he successfully escaped. So yeah, polite, smooth-talking, respectful, this made me root for Hannibal alright.


He's also a really damn good cook, just don't ask him where he gets his ingredients.

While not a movie you would typically associate with some kind of evil ne'er do well, the popular teen comedy 'Ferris Bueller's Day Off' contains some form of antagonist in the form of Dean Edward Rooney. Edward Rooney is the typical authoritarian college Dean that many forms of film and TV fiction like to villain-ize as they seem to have it out for the students and attempt to make their lives as miserable as hell with their rules. However, I made an exception for Rooney when I saw just how much of a jerk-ass and karma houdini Ferris Bueller was during the film. He is revealed to have skipped school nine times and to have gotten away with it every single time. He frequently disrespects his best friend Cameron; who actually is sick, telling him to get out of bed and come over to his place in order to help Ferris with his tenth truant, threatening that if he doesn't come over, he will refuse to be his best-friend anymore, makes him make a fake call to the Dean who could get his ass expelled if he found out he was making a fake telephone call and pretending to be somebody else and steals his dad's prized Ferarri, fully knowing how much Cameron could get in trouble if anything happened to it. He manipulates others in order to accomplish his goals, feigning sickness to his loving parents who trust him completely and gloats over his victories. I may not have liked Dean Rooney completely, but I so wanted him to catch Ferris to expose to everybody what a pathological liar and truant he is who shouldn't be able to skip school whenever he desires.

Rsz piece of trash

No worries, Ferris got his comeuppance in 1998 by starring in some awful Godzilla movie.

Well then, those were my examples. What about you? Have you ever found yourself rooting for the bad guy in a movie before? Or wanted the goodies to lose? If you can't think of any for a movie, what about for a video-game? Or a TV show? Or an animation (Western and Eastern)?