Memento Mori is a DLC package for Fallout: New Vegas which allows you to explore new areas and partake in a new short Fallout questline. It is used to promote the upcoming Bethesda E3 Conference.


Memento Mori is a stand-alone story of several hours length with a new protagonist accessed through the main menu of the game. It is set in a new area called Haven filled with several towns, dense forests and mountains on the outside. Haven is located in Nevada, is around the same size as Zion in Honest Hearts and isn't too far away from the Mojave. The DLC takes place one year after the events of Fallout: New Vegas.


  • Dawn-Breakers
  • Riversong
  • Palm Springs
  • Sunset Hills


  • The Truth


  • Bad Trip
  • Locked Room
  • Prey


  • Caitey Rose
  • Ruth

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