Hi guys (and gals), it's BrandonFox here. As you might have known if you've been reading MountHail's polls, from the 14th of February to the 24th of February I was on a high-school exchange visit in the USA, Virginia (even though we only actually went to school for 2 days). It was an amazing visit, I met some wonderful people and I would consider it an eye-opening, even life changing experience. Some of the people I've met over there I intend to keep in contact with by email, and look forward to when it's their turn to visit England for a week near the end of June. Now, I'm sure a full timetable of what we did would bore you, but to make it quick we went to Washington DC and did some sightseeing there, we went to Philadelphia for a day, George Washington's house, other various activities in the evenings since we obviously had free time such as bowling and laserquest, regular school day for 2 of the days, middle school visits for one of the days (we UK students had to perform a short play). Also of interest, the 17th of February was my birthday (and was also President's Day) so I celebrated it in the US. On the day of my birthday, we went to Washington's house (part of the trip), ate dinner at a Japanese restaurant and had my birthday sung in Japanese. And then in the evening we attended the high school basketball game, where during half-time, the announcer announced that it was my birthday and I was from England and the entire audience (including the cheerleaders) sung happy birthday. Ahh, I will never forget that day.

I lost my hand luggage (which had my camera and my lovely Walking Dead Book 3 hardcover) so I had to use my host's camera for all of my pictures. Fortunately, I also managed to nab some good pictures other people on the trip posted on Facebook. Without further ado, here are some pictures!

User image The Whitehouse

Somewhere inside, Obama is enjoying some coffee.

User image Real world Capitol Building

The Capitol Building.

User Image Philadelphia

Welcome to chilly Philadelphia.

User image Rocky statue

The Rocky statue next to the Steps. I'm sideways for some reason.

User image Real world Fallout Shelter

Prepare for the future! Spotted on the side of a random building on a street in DC.

User image Declaration of Independence history

Some dude explaining the history of the Declaration. Taken in Philadelphia.

Basketball game

Gar-Field High school basketball game. Notice the time and space warping referee in the middle.

User image High school corridor

A corridor in the High school. Or as the Americans call it: a "hallway".

User image Real world Abraham Lincoln

Hey... where are all the slavers? And dead Super Mutants?

User image DC Mall

A scenic view of the DC Mall. At the bottom of the picture is the not so scenic me.

I understand that there aren't a lot of "personal" pictures of me and people, that's because a lot of those kinds of pictures were taken by other people, and will be uploaded soon to either a Google dropbox or onto Facebook. When that happens, which should be shortly, I'll make a 2nd part to this blog. Until then, hope you enjoyed my pictures!

Brandon Fox (talk) 10:34, March 1, 2014 (UTC)