FO4NW Porter Gage

Porter Gage

Nick Valentine

Nick Valentine

The first chapter of Mr.Fallout, Nuka World, is primarily spent with Porter Gage and Nick Valentine makes a brief appearance as well. The main gist of the frist chaper, Nuka World, is introducing a relationship between Thomas Andrews and Porter Gage as well as Thomas getting word from Nick Valentine that John Hancock, mayor of the small town of Goodneighbor, needs his help.

Preston Garvey launch trailer

Preston Garvey

NW Flag Operators

Operators Crest

My character that I use in the game, Thomas Andrews, has been out of vault 111 for a little over a year and has taken over the Institue for his son, Shaun. He has also become the overboss of three of the Nuka World raider gangs. At the very begining of the book Thomas mentions that he and Preston Garvey are no longer on speaking terms and the raider gang, the Operators, have turned on him.