Chapter three of Mr.Fallout is mainly spent with Hancock, mayor of Goodneighbor. For about half of the chapter they are in the tunnels dug by Thomas and Bobby No Nose. They end up with minor injuries when they finnaly get into Hancock's supply house, where they find the synth courser, X6-88. Thomas sends him back to the Institute after X6-88 tells him he was sent by Justin Ayo, head scientist of Synth Retention. Thomas and Hancock then leave the supply house and Hancock asks him why he joined the Institute. Thomas relplies with a very emotional answer as well as some tears. The second half of the story is set in Sanctuary Hills and Vault 111. Codsworth makes a brief apperance as they walk through Sanctuary, giving Hancock a gruff greeting. They continue to the vault and once they get inside, Thomas opens up Nora's cryo pod and places his wedding ring, flowers, Shaun's lab coat, and Kellogs pistol inside with her before closing it up. Thomas then confides in Hancock as to why this is the first time he's been back and Hancock consoles him as he cries at the foot of Nora's cryo pod. At the very end Thomas think sto himself that traveling with Hancock will be a rough ride but that everything will be ok.

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