The recent rumors about how Bethesda's new Fallout 5 seem to be true but I cannot seem to find any real evidence to verify this. Apparently voice actor Ryan Alosio let slip on Instagram that the wheels of Bethesda are moving and they are making the long time anticipated Fallout 5. I have also found reports that the game is rumored to come out sometime this year, 2017. Though I myself am a very big fan of the Fallout series I cannot say with a clear conscience that these rumors are true. Though I have looked everywhere and not all things on the internet are true I cannot find any real information on this and sadly I wasn't there when Alosio let this secret slip. I haven't been able to get any info out of Bethesda either. I want to believe that Bethesda IS making a new Fallout game to add on to their popular series but Bethesda is not a company to let out games hurriedly, no matter what their fans want. I expect if these rumors are true Bethesda will get a lot of attention for their newest Fallout release, and that the game itself will get a lot of praise.
Ryan Alosio

Ryan Alosio (The voice actor who let the secret slip)