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  • BookWormOnFanFicFix

    Chapter three of Mr.Fallout is mainly spent with Hancock, mayor of Goodneighbor. For about half of the chapter they are in the tunnels dug by Thomas and Bobby No Nose. They end up with minor injuries when they finnaly get into Hancock's supply house, where they find the synth courser, X6-88. Thomas sends him back to the Institute after X6-88 tells him he was sent by Justin Ayo, head scientist of Synth Retention. Thomas and Hancock then leave the supply house and Hancock asks him why he joined the Institute. Thomas relplies with a very emotional answer as well as some tears. The second half of the story is set in Sanctuary Hills and Vault 111. Codsworth makes a brief apperance as they walk through Sanctuary, giving Hancock a gruff greeting.…

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  • BookWormOnFanFicFix

    A question that I hear and get asked about alot in the Fallout series is 'who dropped the bombs?' Well I did a little research and heres what I found.

    The Five Nuclear-Wepon States Under the NPT (Actice/Total) N.A: Not Active

    Russia- 1790/7300

    First Bomb Test- August 29, 1949

    Name of Test Bomb- RDS-1

    U.S.- 1750/6970

    First Bomb Test- July 16, 1945

    Name of Test bomb- Trinity

    United Kingdom- 150/215

    First Bomb Test- October 3, 1953

    Name of Test bomb- Hurricane

    France- 290/300

    First Bomb Test- Febuary 13, 1960

    Name of Test bomb- Gerboise Bleue

    China- N.A/20

    First Bomb Test- October 16, 1964

    Name of Test bomb- 596

    Non-NPT Nuclear Powers

    India- N.A/100-120

    First Bomb Test- May 18, 1974

    Name of Test bomb- Smiling Buddah

    Pakistan- N.a/110-130

    First Bomb Test- May 28,…

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  • BookWormOnFanFicFix

    The voice actor of Deacon from Fallout 4, Ryan Alosio, let the secret of Fallout 5 slip sometime in 2016. I have posted a different article on this subject it I had almost no info on the subject

    I have found out that Bethesda launched post launch DLC campaign tha started in the later part of 2016 and is still going here in 2017. I recently found a verified screenshot of Alosios Instagram post that started the rumors of Fallout 5's production. The exact words that started the chaos were, "...internaly, there is movement gearing up pre-production of FO5 (shhhhh)" as well as, "There's so much cool stuff coming up in the Fallout universe..." Ryan Alosio still denies his words saying "I was just being in character." Some of my other sources are …

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  • BookWormOnFanFicFix

    Fallout 5

    February 23, 2017 by BookWormOnFanFicFix

    The recent rumors about how Bethesda's new Fallout 5 seem to be true but I cannot seem to find any real evidence to verify this. Apparently voice actor Ryan Alosio let slip on Instagram that the wheels of Bethesda are moving and they are making the long time anticipated Fallout 5. I have also found reports that the game is rumored to come out sometime this year, 2017. Though I myself am a very big fan of the Fallout series I cannot say with a clear conscience that these rumors are true. Though I have looked everywhere and not all things on the internet are true I cannot find any real information on this and sadly I wasn't there when Alosio let this secret slip. I haven't been able to get any info out of Bethesda either. I want to believe t…

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  • BookWormOnFanFicFix

    The second chapter of my Fanfiction, Mr.Fallout, is mainly just my character, Thomas Andrews, and Porter Gage. Hancock only shows up for that last few paragraphs. Fahrenheit, Hancock's right hand 'man' also shows up for the end of the chapter and her and Thomas have a brief interaction that involves slight joking about the institute. I couldn't find a picture for Fahrenheit.

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