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    Reputation with wiki: Good natured rascal

    Get off my bio you super mutant only bloodworms are aloud here. I am a bloodworm from Nuka World and I mainly live in Dry Rock Gulch. Beware, if you try to find me in Nuka World I will attack on sight. Also, no wasteland creatures are aloud here except for the bloodworm and the bloodworm only. I am also the creator of Life of a bllodwrom and I recommend that you read all of the stories if you like the bllodwrom, vollt 111 with Noiiiiiirrra jokes.

    RPG Definition on this post:

    If this wiki were a vault:

    My first post:

    1,000th post:

    First post ever on the Fallout Wiki:

    Autism is not stupidity:

    Out of all of the protagonists in every Fallout game, my favorite was the Lone Wanderer. My favorite antagonist was Ulysses from New Vegas.

    My favorite Fallout 4 faction was The Brotherhood of Steel, my favorite Fallout New Vegas faction was the Think Tank, my favorite Fallout 3 faction was the Enclave

    My favorite weapon in Fallout 4 is Splattercannon, in Fallout New Vegas it's A Light in Shining Darkness, in Fallout 3 it’s Xuanlong Assault Rifle

    My favorite armor in Fallout 4 is the full set of recon marine armor with marine armor legs with a Ballistic Weave Mark V Worn fedora and Ballistic Weave Mark V Army Fatigues, in Fallout New Vegas my favorite armor is the Remnants Power Armor with the with the elite riot gear helmet, my favorite Fallout 3 armor is the Enclave Hellfire armor and the Enclave Hellfire helmet.

    The three skills I usually tag are speech, small guns, and sneak.

    The bllodwroms support the cheese cult

    Cool people: acj1225, SovietWanderer, CobaltJack, Thelucky38, DatSecretSauce1989, PrestonFreakingGarvey, Nukathecola, Daedecelordofcheese, Snakesen, ArgentPrime, Jbour53, OldWorldBluesIsBest, DarthYeti, MuggyofHiggsVillage, Urbanange1, NewRGI, VanGraffThug, ThreeSecondRush, DistustingWastelander, Sakaratte, Collinthecourier, Rusty, Jspoelestra, XxKingSwiflyxX, OverseerX, and PhantomMenace87.

    RIP ArgentPrime (Mr. Quickscoper):

    RIP MuggyofHiggsVillage (Danielofthesorrows):

    RIP OldWorldBluesIsBest:

    RIP VanGraffThug:

    RIP Datsecretsauce1989:

    RIP Buttsaregood:

    RIP Waterbad:

    People I dislike: MisterMin-Maxer, Qwerty2qwerty, Hauganz.

    Top 3 moderators and admins
    1. DistustingWastelander: Taught me how to edit
    2. Sakaratte: The catmin
    3. Collinthecourier: Kool kid
    Fallout New Vegas is the best Fallout game, Fallout 4 is the second best, and Fallout 3 is the worst.

    The Steelers are amazing

    The Pittsburgh Pirates and the Pittsburgh Penguins are both great teams too.

    Nobody is allowed to copy, redistribute, or knockoff Life of a Bllodwrom unless you have my official consent.

    I am the creator of Life of a bllodwrom.

    I would like to say that the bllodwroms support the Minutemen in Fallout 4, we support the NCR in Fallout New Vegas, and the BOS in Fallout 3.

    My favorite show is The Office U.S. but the Office U.K. is still good.

    My favorite episode is two parts, this episode is Weight Loss.

    My favorite movie is Stepbrothers

    I just keep this so I can remember how to become an admin:

    I am now dead from falling out of an airplane, but I still wander around this world as a spirit:

    Fallout 5 will actually be an RPG unlike Fallout 4:

    The X-01 feud is finally over:

    Life of a bllodwrom series 4: Stories from the Mojave Wasteland
    Story 19:
    Story 20:
    Story 21:
    Story 22:
    Story 23:
    Story 24:
    Life of a bllodwrom series 5: Stories from literally any wasteland because I don’t care anymore
    Story 25:
    Story 26:
    Fallout puns
    Fallout puns 1 and 2:
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