• Blazingsand

    Your Courier's story.

    February 20, 2011 by Blazingsand

    If you're like me, whenever you start a playthrough of New Vegas you come up with a backstory for your courier. This is a place for you to share that story with the rest of the cault community. I'll give my first character's story as an example.

    Born to a family of gun runners in Shady Sands, the courier was no stranger to marksmanship. When he came of age he decided to head east. Using his knowledge of firearms, and stealth (A skill picked up from various small crimes) he became an expert assassin. As the NCR placed larger, and larger bounties on his head, he decided to lay low for a while. Courier work seemed easy enough, so he took the first contract he saw. A suspicious job that involved delivering a strange, oversized poker chip.

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