"Oh thank god" I said to myself approaching the Depot. "I finally made it...again" As i walked closer to the gates of the Depot. "Halt" exclaimed the Protectron at the entrance of the Depot. I saluted the robot from behind the locked gate. "Major Falco United States Military Base Security. I'm here to check on the depot." The Protectron put down his arm. "Thank you, you may proceed." I opened the gates and began to enter the building. Looking around i sighed and shook my head, "Dammit why didn't the Robots clean this up while i was gone" Climbing over the rubble i began to make my way to they lower buildings, picking up small things as I go trying to clean up the Facility. Small books, Scrap parts, tin cans, just small things. I had finally made my way to the entrance of the Armory. Two Sentry bots began to approach me. "step forward and Identify yourself" A Mister Gutsy said. Approaching the Robot I hold out my Pass card. "I'm here to inspect the armory and to make sure none of the weapons and equipment is missing." "Very well" said the Mister Gutsy "I will escort you to the bunker." Winding down a couple rooms we finally enter the bunker. looking around i take a mental checklist of all the equipment to make sure no one was able to sneak in and took some items. "Assault rifles, check, Stmpacks, check, ammunition, check" over and over going through the weapons and boxes. i finally finished and looked at the Mister Gutsy. "Well everything is here. but theirs one more item we need to see." I said. Taking off my goggles and Balaclava I stared at the robot. "show me the prototype" "Very well" the Mister Gutsy stated. And slowly made his way to the back of the room. "Open the door" "yes sir" quoted the robot. the robot quickly pressed the switch next to the door. The iron doors rattled open to a small cave with few beds. Glancing around i notice the weapon on a table i edge of the room. turning to the Mister Gutsy I smile "thank you for your time. you can lock up the room now" making my way back to the entrance of the Depot A Robobrain reassures me that the next time i return the Depot will be cleaned up as much as they can do. "Thank you for your time, ill see you again soon."