"same basic shit" I though to myself while I grabbed my coffee and started making my way towards the bomb storage area in the base. "Good morning sir" i said to myself while continuing down the corridor, "Good morning sir" a Robobrain said at the end of the hallway. Glancing at the machine i slightly raised my coffee mug in the air. Entering the storage building i looked around to see a Mister Gutsy moving towards me. Major! he exclaimed. More of those so called Outcasts are attacking the base again! Taking a sip of my coffee and grabbing my helmet i looked at the robot."Things just never seem to change hm?" I said making my way towards the exit. Pulling out my Gauss rifle and putting down my mug I take a seat on the hard concrete ledge. Aiming down my scope i take a look at the small skirmish taking place at the front of the base. "Oh well its not so bad this morning" i said. "they must want to be a little bit nicer today." Before i got a chance to even think about pulling the trigger the skirmish was over. Picking back up my coffee and taking a sip I began to question the outcasts intentions of attacking such a heavily fortified base. "Maybe it's fore the T-51b" I said. shaking my head "no, they wouldn't send that many troops to get a piece of pre-war armor" walking down the hill i looked at the Robobrains across the street. "I want this mess cleaned up when i get back!" "Yes sir" the robot replied. Putting my mug on the desk at the entrance I muttered "well time to go check the depot"