Pretty cool that Bethesda announced the titles, basic plot-lines, and release dates of the New Vegas add-on content. Figured id use this accoutrement to brainstorm on several points in the upcoming Honest Hearts

Guns: looks like there may be balance between Mormom weapons (M1911, Browning machine guns), the Burning Mans factional weapons (old Legion gear), and any tribal weapons that you can find as well.

Burned Man: What will Joshua Graham be like? Will the Courier encounter any of the Legion in Utah? Will the end game events affect how he treats the PC.....i.e. will he hate you if you sided with Caesar or NCR, vice versa? Would the independent or Mr. house ending change this?

Mormons: never thought a fairly peace loving people would be featured in a video game, nevertheless Fallout, its reputation preceding it. The historical context is cool and sure the Mormon pioneers of Honest Hearts will be dropping biblical and Mormon text references everywhere. Wonder how the LDS feels about this?

Scenery: Lush valleys, red sun baked rocks in long corridors of stone and rock...? Thinking the scenery in Zion and Canaan will be very cool, completely 360 from the scenery of Vegas and FO3.

Hopefully these new DLC's can be returned to to for repeatable quests (Unmarked, consumable collection). To me this important, at least 2 of these add ons should repeatable content to allow the PC to move around the greater Mojave Wasteland exploring. Birchman34 16:02, May 3, 2011 (UTC)