With the release of Lonesome Road I figured it was a good time to go ahead and rate, according to my opinion only, the best DLC expansions for Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas. Comment on what DLC you liked and why.

5  The Pitt

Radically different location makes the Pitt DLC number 5. A spooky, almost Mad Max inspired locale makes the Pitt and its surrounding regions a very enjoyable play through. Challenging game play and a very solid story-line make this one of the best DLC's release for the series. Asher's whole background was very interesting and he is one of the most memorable characters from the next-gen Fallouts.

4 Honest Hearts

Breathtaking locale which stands apart from any of the settings of the previous game. Ok story thats helped by the PC's introduction to Joshua Graham and all of his dialogue is really well done.

3 Operation Anchorage

Very cool concept behind this DLC. Not as fun to play because it basically tak es away the RPG aspect in favor of a more action/stealth based FPS. Cool location, very radical by Fallout standards. Enjoyed the final battle and liked how it portrayed the pre-war world.

2 Point Lookout

Such a good experience because of the sheer size of the expansion. The PC can get immersed in the erie swamps of PL. Great story, great quests that are deep, challenging, and fun to complete. Plik's Safari is one of the more memorable moments from the series and it makes this an excellent gameplay experience.

1 Old World Blues

Brilliant, at times hysterical dialogue makes Old World Blues the best DLC. An assortment of weapons and tech this is the ideal add on for energy weapons/science/intelligence builds because of the sheer number of speech checks. Twist ending and suprises abound in Big Mountain, which feels as if your playing on the surface of the Moon.