With the creation of Hardcore mode in Fallout: New Vegas, I thought of many different modes that could be introduced to the world of Fallout. The sheer depth of the Fallout universe also means that fans (myself included) in all their "fandom" can brain storm exhausting amounts of ideas for upcoming content (DLC, future releases by the franchise) or for content that will never be realized.

I'm sure many avid fans of the Fallout universe have wondered why ghouls have not been playable to the character especially recently with the release of much next-gen material for the Fallout universe. Ghoulification and the many interesting perks and traits which would correspond would be very cool.

However my soft mushy friends the Ghouls are nothing compared the beef cake, mini-gun toting, yellow skinned SUPER MUTANTS! Exposed to FEV they would be a interesting character to play. Note that you could play them slightly in Fallout Tactics, it would be truly interesting to be able to role play a Super Mutant character.

It could begin when you can accidentally uncover a randomized location on your Pip-Boy map that is an FEV site. By entering your exposed to it and mutate. It takes some time, maybe a day or two passes on the clock, the screen goes black and when you wake up your no longer human. You gain freakish strength, 9 is the auto cap while 10 can be attained if you were higher previously. You gain higher Endurance, lower intelligence and charisma, and perception. Perhaps radiation cures you, and you would prolly have to be able to eat human flesh to gain or even maintain health. This would throw an interesting factor into playing Hardcore mode as well as the end game for the character build.

Even though you are complete yellow bad-ass storming through the wasteland slaughtering puny raiders and decapitating Brotherhood of Steel Paladins in single blows, you have the ability to refine yourself and make yourself more in the image of the beloved Marcus from Fallout 2 and Fallout: New Vegas. The story could certainly be greatly altered by the PC if they play a Super Mutant because if they choose to send their Super mutant brethren on the warpath you could conquer the in-game humans population and rule them as their Masters. Perhaps the opposite, you could integrate or even become assassin for hire, gaining a fortune in caps hunting down unfortunate humans.

Either way a Super Mutant mode would be very interesting and perhaps bring an interesting dimension to the Fallout series.

Birchman34 01:53, March 22, 2011 (UTC)