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    August 30, 2011 by Big McLargeHuge

    Well the 'ol page ticker on the wall has passed 14,000. Give yourself and this community a hand!

    Lonesome Road is coming soon, redlinks are still out there, and of course who knows? Fallout 4, Fallout iPhone game... It's not going to stop here, folks. 15,000 is just right around the corner.

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  • Big McLargeHuge

    Thief and Fallout 3 seem to have some paralells.

    Emil Pagliarulo is the lead designer of Fallout 3 at Bethesda Game Studios. Before that, he designed Thief, working at Looking Glass Studios and Ion Storm Austin.

    Stephen Russell, who voices Harold, playes the part of Thief's most loveable characters Benny. The voice that Russell uses is very similar to that of Benny's, if you could imagine Benny rooted to the ground for years. Russell on the Thief wikia.

    Deadly Shadows and Fallout utilize a lockpick minigame, where the lock is isolated from the door, infront of a blurry background. In the case of F3, it is a bobby pin and screwdriver.

    There is a 'superhero' called The Mechanist, who tries to use his robots for good. The Mechanists in Thief 2 ho…

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