Will someone please tell me...Why havent they made a Fallout game in the Northeast. Areas such as NYC, Boston, all those good places. I would enjoy traversing an urban jungle will fighting off Raiders and taking cover with other Wastelanders in an old McDonalds or something like that. I like big cities but I dont want the samething as Fallout 3 where you cant explore the WHOLE city. No more metros and dwelling in tunnels just to go see a Monument. I could see it now...Concept art where the PC is looking around at Times Square. Old Taxi cabs all over the place, Building nearlly falling off there bases. It would be a great scene. No more West Coast games for awhile. We have had 3 (Fallout, Fallout 2, and Fallout New Vegas). It would be nice to return to the Midwest and check up on the Brotherhood of Steel chapter there (as it seems Im the only person who plays Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel anymore). I wish Bethesda or whoever is in charge at the time will realize, We need something that we never even put up on the idea board before.