Axis-Allies box

Paint-made box/poster for my idea


About the same time the Neurshima Hex giveaway was announced, I had an idea for a Fallout-y Axis & Allies (Which will be referred as AnA from here on out). It was originally just to be a re-skinning of the factions, map, and a few rule changes. But I have sort of evolved it into a Fallout board game with AnA rules. At least, that's what I think.


AnA is a classic board which needs no further explaination. The rules are actually very good and can be easily learned and modified. For some reference I'm going to post the (modified) unit stats that will change based on tech (or Perks, as I renamed them) and Buffs, which will be explained in further detail later. I have lowered the attack values and increased costs to make a more 'apocalypse' mood. That and to prevent all the units from being over-powered with the Perks and Buffs. Also, the money has been renamed from 'Industrial Production Certificates' to 'Scavenger Man Hours'


Names between the factions vary, but the stats remain the same.

Infantry - Cost: 4 Move: 1 Attack: 1 (2 with Artillery in a ratio of 2:1 and Combined Arms Perk) Defend: 2

Elite Infantry (Replaces Armor) - Cost: 5 Move: 2 Attack: 2 Defend: 2

Artillery - Cost: 6 Move: 1 Attack: 2 Defend 2

Scout - I added this unit in because I plan the map to be wide open and scouts are able to quickly fill the map - Cost:3 Move: 3 Attack: Can't attack, unless a certain Buff is used. Defend: 1

I split up the idea into sections to help me organize my thoughts