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    NPC statement Team replies NPC replies
    Thank goodness you're here! I'm all alone and my supplies have run out. Your troubles are over. The Vault's got everything you need. In that case, sign me up!

    NPC statement Team replies NPC replies
    You fools. The Gobbler can't be stopped! It killed all my men. Give us your weapon. We're taking down the Gobbler! All right. Hope you Dwellers know what you're doing.
    It was just a whirlwind of claws, snack cake crumbles and murder! Thanks for the intel. Now die, you Raider scumbag! Come and get me!
    Last I saw, it was gorging itself on Salisbury Steak, spewing gravy everywhere... We need your best armor if we're going up against the Gobbler! Fine, but it's not going …

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  • Beard 8025411341


    June 2, 2016 by Beard 8025411341

    It is necessary to clean up the downloaded images:


    • MS11Turbopump FLL3 FLL3 turbopump bearings;
    • MS11TurbopumpSabotaged Sabotaged turbopump bearings;
    • BoSR02_Sensor Flux sensor;
    • DLC03FarHarborFF02_PowerModule Condenser power module;
    • SensorModule Sensor module


    • steakYaoGuai Yao guai ribs
    • steakRadStag Grilled radstag


    • DLC03_MeatWolf Wolf meat
    • DLC03_SteakWolf Wolf ribs


    • DLC03_Angler Lure weed
    • DLC03_AnglerStalk Angler stalk


    • DLC03_MeatRabbit Rabbit leg
    • SquirrelBits Squirrel bits
    • SquirrelBitsCrispy Crispy squirrel bits


    • HC_Herbal_Anodyne Her…
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