• Baylocke

    ***Warning, Spoilers***

    Vault 21 is located below ground.

    The NCR has lost contact with the West and is undersupplied.

    Caesar's Legion prevails in New Vegas.

    The NCR has delivered a fierce battle for Hoover dam against the Brotherhood of Steel and won narrowly.

    The NCR troops in McCarren Airport have also lost contact with Hoover Dam.

    The initial task of the player (The Courier) was to deliver a package to Primm.

    The small arms and big weapons skill are now combined into one weapon skill.

    All weapons that have previously caused major explosions (eg, rocket launcher or the Fatman), now belong to the category of explosive.

    From a place called Repcon (a former missile factory), have in the alleged Ghoul founded a colony, has recently heard constantly …

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  • Baylocke

    - The Gekkos will be back in two forms: regular and fire-breathing. - Also will meet with supermutants nightkin familiar to the first part of the game. -The effect stimpack will eventually fade away. - The skill "survival" will determine how much health restore food and drink, and allows you to cook on a fire.

    -There is a skill "Survival", that determines how many HP will be recovered from eating and drinking. Also, it allows you to cook at the campfire.

    - Regular geckos run like penguins and are easy to kill.

    Source: NMA

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