New Vegas 3-16-2282

Kelly went back though the Strip north gate and over to the Lucky 38 to find Veronica. She entered the casino floor and looked around until she seen Veronica and Arcade Gannon at the upper bar to the right side of the doors. There was no one there to serve them of course for the casino floor of the Lucky 38 wasn’t acally manned or welcome to the public. Only good friends of Kelly got in. Kelly went up the steps and over too them. Veronica looked laid back and quite happy wearing one of the many pre-war dresses that Kelly had gave her over the course of there adventures though the wastes. Sexy. Kelly thought has she looked the other woman over. Arcade was in his usual Followers of the Apocalypse coat and was still on crutches from his run in with a stick of dynamite right before the second battle of the dam. Arcade and Kelly had been on their way back to Freeside from the Enclave Remnant bunker when a viper raider thrown a stick of dynamite and it went of right at his feet.

The blast broke his right leg the Followers said he should stay on crutches for three weeks. “How are you feeling Arcade?” Kelly asked when she reached the top of the stairs.

“I would be a lot better if I was off the crutches. It’s hard to get things done with them. Anyway; I’m complaining. All in all I’m doing fine. Here have a Nuka Cola.” Arcade said as he handed her one from behind the bar.

“Hey Veronica; you about ready to go met with the B.o.S.?” Kelly asked.

“About as ready has I’m going to get. Their mad that you sent some of the Followers out to the Dam.” Veronica replied.

“Like they have the manpower to hold it; besides they are going to have something else to hold their attention.” Kelly said.

“Ohhh what do you have planned?” Veronica asked with a grin.

“Well if you guys have nothing against it; I planned on giving them Helios One. I don’t have the men to run it but I don’t want a bunch of powder gangers squatting on it now that the N.C.R. has pulled out of there.” Kelly paused taking a sip of the nuka cola. “I really hope I can convince the B.o.S. and the Followers to get along. I know sometimes their interests conflict but I don’t have the men to run everything myself.”

“It shouldn’t be a problem; Helios One is more than we have had in a long time.” Said Veronica.

Arcade got up and started hobbling toward the stairs; then it clicked in Kelly’s mind. “How did you get up here; there’s fifteen feet of stairs for you to clime? Let me help you down.”

Arcade turned to Kelly and grinned. “Yesterday I got the stairs handicap program running. Watch this.” He said. Arcade stepped out on to the first set of stairs then pressed a button on the guard rail. With a metallic clicking sound the stairs started descending down to the floor like a pre-war escalator. “See you later.” Arcade said from half way down the stairs.

“Bloody genus.” Kelly muttered with a smile. She turned to Veronica. “Anything I should know about this B.o.S. guys before we go?”

“Not much to tell; the scribe they sent is not anyone that you met. His name’s Ray, always was a bit of an outsider. He is the last surviving member of a chapter up by the Oregon border. About five years ago he shown up said he had been wondering the N.C.R. looking for surviving chapters. He never got along with the Elder; he did not believe in hiding, he wanted to strike out at the N.C.R. I think he kinda idolizes you for what you did to the N.C.R.” Veronica finished with a big gulp of cola.

“This really will be interesting. Let’s go.” Kelly said leaving her cola behind. They walked out of the Lucky 38 together, Kelly winked at one of Gomorrah’s hookers that were dancing outside to entice customers, and then they passed though the middle strip gate.

In too the Tops Casino they went. Swank, who was standing behind the front desk looked up and said. “Well if it an’t my two favorite baby dolls of the strip! And one’s all dressed up even. How can I help you today?” He gave Veronica a sly smile.

“Later some mercs should be here asking about colleting a bounty of 1,000 caps for some legionaries. Make sure they get it. Have the B.o.S. given you any trouble?” Kelly said.

“Nope, one of them came down too the floor and hit the tables for a wile. It was all cool, ya dig. He was a real well spoken fella. He made a few chips then went back to their suite.”

“Good, ring them up and tell them I’m on my way.”

“Can do boss lady.” He said then turned around and headed for the comm. Kelly and Veronica went over to the elevator and hit the button for the presidential suite.

While they waited for the elevator Veronica looked over at Kelly and said “You never did tell me all of how you got that duster.” Indicating the one Kelly had worn since meeting Ulysses in the Divide.

“I told you, a friend gave it to me when I took that trip to the Divide.” Kelly said no hint of expression on her face.

“Yeah but what happened there? We have all heard the stories about the two couriers that fought each other then teamed up and took on an army but there has to be more than that.” Veronica said with a determined look on her face.

“It’s a very long story that I will tell you another time.” Kelly told her as the elevator doors opened.

“O.k. but I’m going to hold you to that.” Veronica said as they walked in the elevator and up to the presidential suite.

The doors opened and the two women came walking in to the suite. Kelly looked around noting of in was almost as good as her suite in the Lucky 38. To Kelly’s left there was even a pool table and to her right there was a fully stocked bar. Standing before her was two people in full T-51b power armor and one man in a Brotherhood scribe robe. The scribe looked to be in his late thirties, and had dark hair and skin.

“Good day Kelly, I am scribe Jonathan Ray. It is an honor to finally meet you in person.” Ray said with notable glee.

“Same here.” Kelly said has she walked over to the bar. “Care for some?” Kelly asked as she pulled out a bottle of wine. Veronica nodded no but Ray walked up and said “Please allow me.” Kelly handed him the bottle and he pulled out two glasses from the cabinet. He poured them each a glass and they went over to the living area and sat across from each other. Kelly and Veronica sat beside one other, Ray sat by himself across from them, and the two paladins stood by the hall that led to the bedrooms.

Ray was the first to speak “So, I have been sent here to negotiate with you about Brotherhood expansion. We see that you have handed Hover Dam over to the Followers of the Apocalypse.”

Before he could say anything else Kelly spoke up. “Number one, I did not “hand Hover Dam over” to anyone. The Followers are there because no one besides the Brotherhood has the know how to run it now that the N.C.R. is gone. Number two I did not ask the Brotherhood to run Hover Dam cuz I have another place in mind. See wile the Followers have to give me the power from the dam; this other place would be all yours to do with as you see fit.” Kelly stopped and took a long drink of the wine.

“And this place is?” Ray asked.

“It’s the place so many of your B.o.S. died for Helios One. Now is there anything else or can I go.” Kelly said happily. Thank you was all Ray said. “Anything you want to add?” Kelly said looking at Veronica.

“Nope” she replied.

“Cool, let’s go.” Kelly said as she stood up and walked to the door with Veronica behind her. “By the way,” Kelly said to Ray as she stood in the doorway “you can stay has long as you like but I recommend that you tell your superiors right away about your new land.”