New Vegas 3-16-2282

Kelly Mayfield sometimes called the courier, and now the ruler of New Vegas woke up with a start as the door to her private room in the Gomorrah casino and hotel swung open unannounced. In the blink of an eye Kelly grabbed her unique .45 pistol and had it raised to the doorway. To Kelly’s relief it was Cass, so she lowered the gun and felt like an idiot. “Sorry. What time is it?” Kelly said. To answer her own question she looked at the Pip-Boy that was attached to her wrist. Cass blushed a little too see Kelly with just her panties on. 1:29 damn it, I slept in to late. “Hey there’s some mercs over in Freeside that are saying they have some legionaries captive and want to know about a bounty you might pay for them. Sorry to barge in like this but the guy is getting mad.” Cass said as she glanced over at the other woman laying naked on the bed sound asleep.

The other woman was the receptionist from the front desk of Gomorrah whose name Kelly could not remember. The most she remembered from last night was large amounts of wine and jet being consumed. “Let me get some clothes on and I will be there in a few minutes.” Kelly said as she sat up. Cass closed the door and Kelly could here her boots hit the floor as Cass walked to the elevator. Kelly leaned over and gently woke the other woman up. “Hey hon, I have to go.” She looked up at Kelly sleepily. She mumbled an o.k. half to the pillow. “By the way” Kelly said as she pulled her pants on “tell the Omertas that I said you can have the week of. If they make an issue out of it tell me.”

With that Kelly pulled on a shirt, the sleeveless duster Ulysses had made for her with the 21 in yellow on the back and put her .45 know as “A Light Shining In The Darkness” in its holster. She walked out the door and took the elevator down to the casino floor. Since the second battle for the Hover Dam there had not been has many people hitting the gambling floor seeing has there were less off duty N.C.R. solders every day. As she walked by the floor manager, a short pissed off little bald man, she told herself to remember to stop by then N.C.R. embassy and check up on how they were doing.

Kelly looked across the room with all the slot machines and blackjack tables to see if Cass was still there. Sure enough Cass had got into an argument with a finely dressed man at a slot machine. As Kelly walked over to them she could hear the man say something about N.C.R. rights to the territory too witch Cass just laughed. “Don’t laugh at me!” The man exclaimed. “I know you run around with that back stabbing slut so you can tell her that I David…….” The man fell quite and started too turn around after he seen Cass was not looking at him, but behind him.

“Tell the back stabbing slut what? Please finish, I would love to hear the rest.”

“I……. Hmmm…. I’m so very sorry. You….. You are doing a fine job running the city, just marvelous.” The man said, stuttering to find the words he was looking for. “I think you would have much better luck over at the Atomic Wrangler in Freeside.” Kelly said with a smile on her face.

“But there….There’s crooks and robbers and killers over there. And I am David….” Kelly cut him off. “If you finish that sentence with anything about how you are too good for Freeside I will hand you over too some very charming people over in North Vegas that don’t take too kindly to anyone from the N.C.R.” “Yes I will be on my way. I am so very sorry.” The man’s face had gone white as he got up and almost ran out the door.

When the man got a little ways away Kelly and Cass bust out laughing. “Did you see the look on that little fucker’s face?!? It was priceless!” Cass said though fits of laughter.

“Yeah it was! Hey do you know if that Brotherhood of Steel envoy is here yet? Kelly asked moving a stray strand of her neon blue hair out of her face. “Yes, they arrived an hour or two ago. Veronica set them up in some spare rooms at the Tops. There are three of them, two scribes and a paladin.” “Cool. Tell them I well met with them when I am done in Freeside.”

This met with the Brotherhood will be interesting. Kelly thought as she headed for the door. Kelly may be a well standing member of the B.o.S. but they still might not go with what Kelly had planned. If they were smart they would take it with smile on there face, for it will be more than they have had in a long time. But the B.o.S. was not always smart when it came too things of a more political matter. That’s why they ended up in a very long and costly war with the N.C.R. As Kelly walked out on to the New Vegas Strip she thought back to Ulysses, the other courier. He was the man that put all of this in to motion; he turned down the job to delver the Platinum Chip to Mr. House. Kelly looked out at the Strip in all of its glory, the Lucky 38 towering over all other buildings on the strip, Gomorrah, The Tops, Ultra-Luxe. She had saved it all. The N.C.R. is pulling out of the territory; Caesar’s Legion is retreating and starting to kill its self; and Mr. House the over two hundred year old dictator of the strip is dead. Kelly has an army of advanced securitron mk.2s and as long has she lives; she will fight to keep the New Vegas Territory independent and free. Ulysses once said that she turned her back on her homeland but in doing so she found a new one. Kelly passed though the gate to Freeside down the road too the intersection that usually had a woman advertising the Atomic Wrangler. Instead there was a crowd gathered made mostly of Kings Gang members. As soon as she started to make her way in to the crowd people recognized her and moved out of her way. Soon men and women were yelling out “Kelly!” or “New Vegas” or other things to show their support.

When she reached the front of the crowd she was greeted with sight of five legionaries in their distinctive red with black football pad armor bond and gagged sitting on the ground. There where six mercs in full metal armor and a varied collection on guns. The mercs study Kelly for a moment then one of them stepped forward. He was an older looking man maybe mid forties with a scar on his right check. “We would like to know if there is a reward for rounding up a legion war party.” The scared man said with a deep southern draw.

“How did you capture them? Legionaries would kill themselves before taken prisoner.” Kelly asked suspiciously.

“See that’s the thing. There were ten of them when we attacked their camp. They did not put up much of a fight and this five surrendered. They have all been quit excepted for this one.” He said as he pointed to the nearest one.

“He as said something about how there is and I quote “no more respect to be give to Caesar” unquote. Sounded to me that they don’t think Caesar ant’ so high and mighty now seeing as you handed him his ass on a silver platter over at the dam.” Kelly walked over to the legionary that had talked. She looked him over noting that he was shoeless and his feet were torn up really bad meaning they had came a ways to get here.

“Where did you find them?” Kelly asked as she stared into the legionary’s eyes.

“We tracked them to there camp a little ways west of Bitter Springs.” Kelly nodded to the merc then turned back to the legionary.

“Who are you?” Kelly asked.

The man sat for a few minutes then took a deep breath and said “Hawk-Foot of a tribe I don’t remember. I no longer claim Caesar has my chief. He has grown weak and took my identity from me. I saw this at the second battle of the Great Dam. You are Kelly, I seen you at Caesar’s camp.” Kelly thought this over for a moment then said

“If you can answer this question I will let you go. Where is Vulpes Inculta?” The man moved a little to take some of the weight off his hurt feet. “I think he saw what I saw at the dam. The night after the battle he and ten other frumentarii left against Caesar’s orders but no one moved to stop him. They were last seen headed north.”

“Thank you.” She said to him, and then she turned to the mercs and said. “Talk to Swank at the Tops casino about getting you 1’000 caps. You may go.” She said the legionary. “Kill the rest.” And with that Kelly turned around and headed for the Lucky 38.

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