• Renzo, Shcmit, and Mike standing outside the casino

Renzo: What did leech do this time?

Mike: He took off with the payment and didn't complete the job his employers asked him to do.

Shcmit: I guess that's what they get for paying him in advance.

Mike: Shut your trap! He went too far this time and now I have to kill him.

Shcmit: Isn't that a little extreme? I mean, what was the job anyway?

Mike: That's classified, I just need you to hand over the suite key.

Renzo: No way!

Mike: If you're not going to play nice I'll have to take it by force!

Renzo: That's it! We're not going to be pushed around by a bounty hunter!

Shcmit: Yeah motherfucker! You're going DOWN!

  • Gunfight ensues