So, I crafted together a very cool article over on the main wiki. It's the very first one I've ever done, because I usually get to games well after they've got wikis and all relevant articles. However, the Swarmbot was not yet in the wiki for Automatron, so I decided to add it!

I even got a picture, which probably looks kinda shitty. It would've looked better, but I have my game modded, and there's snow on the ground everywhere, and I don't think they want images of modded games on the wiki, so I controlled the swarmbot until he was in front of a normal wall and then moved the camera to capture the picture. Now you can't even tell the game is modded, and thus, the picture works out!

I'm very pleased with myself that I was able to fill out such a great deal of information on these enemies. Frankly, I hate the little bastards and quite enjoy getting to pound them in with my Super sledge whenever I get the chance. However, they needed a wiki page, so I went ahead and gave them one. And unlike the other bots that came with Automatron, this bot's page has an infobox picture, so I'm one step ahead of everyone else!

Either way, felt like making this blog post to celebrate. Yay for the new page!

Catch ya later!

~Virtue (Axelskox) User Axelskox talk