I came up with some Ideas for additonal endings for the Indpendant Vegas.

NCR and Leigon

Narrated by The Courier

  • In the End, the Courier won against the NCR, and the NCR, power hungry, attacked the Independant Nation, which was prtected by the Leigon (Have NEUTERAL, MIXED, or UNPREDICTABLE repuutation with the NCR and ACCEPTED or LIKED reputation with Caeser's Leigon)
  • When it was said and done, the NCR allied its self with the New Vegas Power even though they broke away. They where suprised that the Leigon had done the same, and settled the war between the two (Have ACCEPTED, LIKED, or IDOLIZED reputatuion with NCR and Caesar's Leigon)
  • Whenever the Courier finished the last of the NCR and Leigon Troops in the Mojave, they regained their strenght and invaded Vegas. The Courier, and the leader of every faction that helped him to the top, where publicly excecuted. (Have any Negitive Reputation with NCR and Caesar's Leigon)
  • Over time, the Courier and the NCR saw eye-to-eye and allied with each other, fighting of the Leigon together. (Have any Positive Reputation with NCR and any Negative or NEUTERAL, MIXED, or UNPREDICTABLE Reputation with Caeser's Leigon)

Aaron Kimball

Narrated by Aaron Kimball

  • With Kimball dead, the NCR had a hard road ahead on the war with the Leigon and Vegas (Kimball dies)
  • Kimball, Alive an well, decided to meet he courier face-to-face. The leigon sent an assasination party in which was stopped by the BoS and finished off. (Kimball survives and Courier joins the BoS and allows them to take energy weapons)
  • Kimball decided to meet with the Courier after the Battle of Hoover Dam. But sadly, they where killed by Caesar and met an untimely fate. (Kimball Survives and the Courier ignores the BoS or kills them all)

1st Recon

Narrated by 10 of Spades, occasional stuttering.

  • Without a member, they flee to California. Not knowing they would all end up casualties of war except for 10 of Spades, who stayed in Vegas. (Have NEUTERAL, MIXED, or UNPREDICTABLE or any negitive reputation with the NCR and Ignore CPL. Betsy)
  • With all members acounted for they decided to join the Courier's army, not knowing where that would lead them. CPL. Betsy rethought her life and, along with the rest of the Reacon, joined the Soldiers for Christ program (Help CPL. Betsy and Allow the New Canaanites into your land)
  • With all members acounted for they decided to join the Courier's army, not knowing where that would lead them. (Help CPL. Betsy but disallow the New Canaanites)

Cannibal Johnson

Narrated by Cannibal Johnson

  • Cannibal Johnson lived in his cave until the end of his days. He died a lonely old man.(Ignore the Remnant of the Enclave)
  • Cannibal Johnson became the General of the Courier's Infantry, and lived a long life of service. (Get aid from the Remnant of the Enclave)

Dr. Henry

Narrated by Dr. Henry.

  • Dr. Henry stayed and researched the cure for the Nightkin. Whenever it was over, he slowly decayed for not having further purpose. (Ignore the Remnant of the Enclave)
  • Dr. Henry soon became one of the New Vegas Power's leading scientist and became one of the personal researches of the courier. (Help the Remnant of the Enclave)
  • After a long road back, Dr. Henry met his end at the hand of the Courier. (The Courier murders Dr. Henry)

Dr. Calamity

Narrated by Calamity

  • Dr. Calamity decided to follow Dr. Henry and join the Enclave, which ended her up as one of the Courier's Army Scientists. And she settled with that life.
  • Dr. Calamity soon switched to a Merc. in wihich she soon was killed by the Remnant of the Fiends, ending her long life of swiching Jobs and Identities. (Ignore the Remnant of the Enclave)

Daisy Whitman

Narrated by Daisy Whitman

  • Daisy Whitman was soon captured by Caesar's Leigon, and was recognized as an Enclave member. She was put up on a cross and used as a dart target until her long life ended painfully. (Ignore the Remnant of the Enclave and Ignore or Kill the BoS)
  • Daisy Whitman was soon Captured by Caesar's Leigon, but was recognized as a Remnant member by the BoS, and rescued for her efforts aiding the BoS in escaping the NCR and Leigon. (Ignore the Remnant and Aid the BoS)
  • Daisy Whitman whent to great measures to help the Courier and was awarded with Platinum wings and the responsibility of the General of the Airforce. (Aid the Remnant of the Enclave)