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  • Awobbie

    Find the link!

    July 29, 2012 by Awobbie

    There are few people in Fallout: New Vegas that I found similarities with. I want to see who can find the link.

    • Julie Farkas
    • Arcade Gannon
    • Ignacio Rivas
    • Bill Ronte
    • Jacob Hoff
    • Emily Ortal
    • Ezekiel
    • Veronica Santangelo (DOCC)
    • Jerry (Fallout: New Vegas) (DOCC)
    • Daniel (Honest Hearts)
    • Joshua Graham
    • Two-Bears-High-Fiving
    • White Bird (DOCC)
    • Dancing Flame
    • Follows-Chalk
    • Waking Cloud (DOCC)
    • Jason Bright
    • Chris Haversam

    So look away, and I look into the similarities a little more to see who else fits.

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  • Awobbie

    I came up with some Ideas for additonal endings for the Indpendant Vegas.

    Narrated by The Courier

    • In the End, the Courier won against the NCR, and the NCR, power hungry, attacked the Independant Nation, which was prtected by the Leigon (Have NEUTERAL, MIXED, or UNPREDICTABLE repuutation with the NCR and ACCEPTED or LIKED reputation with Caeser's Leigon)
    • When it was said and done, the NCR allied its self with the New Vegas Power even though they broke away. They where suprised that the Leigon had done the same, and settled the war between the two (Have ACCEPTED, LIKED, or IDOLIZED reputatuion with NCR and Caesar's Leigon)
    • Whenever the Courier finished the last of the NCR and Leigon Troops in the Mojave, they regained their strenght and invaded …

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